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YDEK Denmark, WA Improvements


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Runway 10/28 is now bitumin seal, with night lighting and VASI type approach lights to RFDS standard.


Note: ERSA shows RH circuits for rwy 10, LH for 28 so use them please.


Access to the terminal/toilets is by using the CTAF frequency.


Denmark & Albany share the same CTAF® frequency of 127.85


Good well grassed parking area but BYO tiedowns.


There is no landing charge.


BP 'card-swipe' AVGAS available from this week in Albany



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I am off on 3 months holiday and hoping to get to Denmark for an SAAA fly in at end of Feb. Hopefully I will be able to call int a few airstrips on the way there and back, sadly travelling with a caravan, not by plane.



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