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Newby into Amphibians


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Hey Everyone


Just landed as a newby - learnt to fly in a old Maule in the African bush but hav'nt been up for 2 years since I became an Aussie - want to get back into "it" and thought the best way would be to build a kit amphibian (because of where I stay -Whitsunday Islands). I really had my heart set on a "Super Petrel" - but they do not make the kit anymore 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif so if anyone out there has any suggestions --I'm all ears.



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Sorry about Super Petrel LS kits: factory decision over which I had no control although I told the factory frequently they were sellable here.


Ready to fly from around A$115,000 fly away, with radio, is still very good value however.


Demo and another (sold) due in June.



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