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Any info on JAP J99

Guest howard

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Guest howard

I'm looking for info on the JAP (JA Prestwick) J99 engine, esp weight and CG position.


I have plans (had them for 30 years)


to build a Taylor Mono and it originally had this engine and I am


looking to use a Jabiru, instead so I need to do some CG calcs and


forward keel area calcs.


Google doesn't throw up much other than it being fitted in the Aeronca C3 (Bathtub)


Alternatively, what other 4 stroke aircooled donks are available


delivering around 50HP apart from the BMW and the smaller VW variants.


Does anyone still mod the half VW?



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Contact Tom about VW aero engines (see ad on page 23, November 2005 issue of RAAus mag.


Thomas Philippa has an ad for a Taylor Mono (which I think he built in a previous life)


in the December 2005 issue of 'Pacific Flyer'. In the November 2005


issue the same gent had an ad for a VW1800 aircraft engine.


With the assistance of the above-mentioned Tom I am in the long process


of building a half VW...but forget about 50hp...more like low 30's!





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Did someone say half VW ??


You gotta see http://www.hummelengines.com - checkout their price list. Their best engine appears to be 45 HP at 3600rpm 84 lb using NiCom cylinders, 94mm bore with crank stroked to 86mm.


Now, how far can I go? Eltronic ignition, fuel injection, VW Kombi rear axle redrive?


A little birdie told me Jabiru have a staff car testing their half Jabiru. Also downloaded a video of a sawn off Corvair while surfing past the Better Half website.


Jack. :;)3:



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Many,many years ago, I remember seeing a photograph of a 6 cyl Corvair with the above mentioned VW Kombi rear axle step down gear bolted on front.


If you go to; This Site and scroll halfway down the page, there are some shots of a Corvair with the VW step down gear box.


Apparently there was an article in the EAA magazine Sport Pilot in March 1970 (p46-48)


Not much of a reduction, with only the choice of; 1.31 or 1.61.


Look for an old 'Split Screen' Kombi ('62~'67) in a wreckers for the box on the rear axles.


You'll need to machine an adaptor.





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