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Good for planning to fly even if not for planning your flying??

Guest rocketdriver

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Guest rocketdriver

Not sure if everyone knows about this site, (Wind Forecast - Tooradin, VIC 3980 - WillyWeather) but it works for me in assessing the likely weather several days in advance. You can select different places, so it should work for the locality of the aerodrome near you.:big_grin:


Not wishing to teach grandma etc etc, (087_sorry.gif.8f9ce404ad3aa941b2729edb25b7c714.gif if I am!) but if you divide km/hr by 2 you get knots .. roughly.


I use it a lot for windsurfing (Inverloch mostly where it does give me knots:), presumably for marine use) and have found it to be quite accurate on the day (strength, direction and timing), fairly accurate for a couple of days ahead and a good indication beyond that. I also use it to plan the next time I go flying, but not for flight planning in detail......





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Guest Des Funslow

Thanks rocketdriver very handy, Paul Worsterlings IFISH reports use's something simillar for Western port & port Phillip bay in his fishing reports. Also handy for Golfing at phillip Island on Saturdays. Well done.


Cheers Des



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