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Add another pilot to the list!


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G'day all,


Early last year, I created a few posts in the "Just Landed" section introducing myself as a student at Aldinga, south of Adelaide (Adelaide Biplanes), learning to fly the Sportstar.


Today, I past my final test and have been signed off as one of you guys, a recreational pilot. Almost 12 months to the day, flying once a fortnight, I'VE DONE IT!!!!!


I just want to say, even though I haven't contributed much to the posts on this site, reading about other peoples problems, or about other peoples adventures really keeps you interested in this recreation. So keep the discussion up and who knows, one day we might be sitting around a BBQ at a fly-in swapping stories (only one can hope!!).


Happy Flying.





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Hi Michael


Well done.... your comment that you are "now one of you guys" doesn't do you justice mate. you were one of us the moment you dreamed of flying....! Thanks for sharing one of your proudest moments...! And a big Congratulations.....!


Best Regards





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