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I'm confused about how the "NEW THREAD" thing works.

flying dog

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Ok, village idiot here:


In the top level of FORUMS, I see GENERAL DISCUSSION Then Destiny's post about "Where are they going?"


The GENERAL DISCUSSION is marked as having new posts.


Ok. I click on the "WHERE ARE THEY GOING" post and read it. Then I click on the link at the top to go back to the FORUMS part. I do NOT use the back button at the top of the browser.


I see GENERAL DISCUSSION still marked as NEW/UN-READ Posts. But it still shows the WHERE ARE THEY GOING as the latest/newest.


Errrr.... If I have just read it and there are posts in other parts of GENERAL DISCUSSION, then I would expect that topic to be listed at the top level, not the one I just read.


Does that make sense?



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I have never used that feature but i suspect that if you left the site then returned it would not show up as a new post or thread. try leaving the site and then returning and see what happens.



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Whilst on hassles, or whinges, I find all the News posts that come up when you go to New Posts a drawback but maybe its just me & I can live with it.




Dexter - they shouldn't come up if you use the "New Posts" link in the blue bar. Are you using a bookmark? If so, update it with this :-




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