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Martin Jetpack.


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I just read this news item about a Kiwi company that is building 'jetpacks' (more like 'ducted-fan-packs', but anyway) for sale in the USA. The article claims that you won't need a license to fly it either, which is obviously not going to be true in Australia. But according to the company's classification page, the FAA class it as an 'ultralight', with various restrictions but no license required.


I suppose if they ever sell it over here, you'd need a helicopter license for it.


It's still nifty, though. haha!



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Just as an aside to this stoy ...


This machine was mentioned in a recent episode of the TV drama "NCIS". The story dealt with the death of the operator of a "rocket belt"


I can't see this mob being too successful. They displayed thier machine at Oshkosh last year, and the flight was an major anticlimax. They had the machine and pilot tethered so it couldn't do anything but hover a few feet off the ground.


Old Man Emu



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Guest ozzie

Yes i saw this as well at Airventure 08. It does have a ballistic back up chute fitted.


I saw it fly and talked to the team over a few beers at the International visitors dinner. I think it needs some digital stability control, auto hover for when you get sensory overload.


the 2 ltr V4 engine attracted much attention from the hombuilders. the tethered flights at the show were a FAA requirement for crowd safety as per height limit. They did have some interesting footage of a Harrier pilot who flew it.


This complies with the FAR 103 rules so is classed as a recreational vehicle and not an aircraft. As usual CASA ran away screaming when it was shown to them.


The military are very interested in it. But mainly for the eccentric i think.



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I dug out my old C&C Tiberium Sun cds the other day, and what do I find on the GDI infantry list? Jetpack soldiers! haha.


They aren't that effective, though.


I suppose you wouldn't be able to use this to commute to work. The minimum altitude over built up areas might make it tricky. And worse for me, at least, as controlled airspace comes right down to the ground where I work.


But of course CASA wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.



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