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Rotax online training course

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Hi all,


Found this on another site:


A beta on line eLearning course for renters, students, pilots, owners and mechanics has been developed by Paul Hamilton. This has been a request from FBO’s, schools, instructors, and manufacturers to qualify operators for “basic” operating the ROTAX 912 engines. This is especially important for pilots and mechanics transitioning from classic aircraft engines (Continental/Lycoming) to the ROTAX 912.


This course provides video from ROTAX industry experts Phil Lockwood and Dean Vogel. Additionally, this course provides the classical text for a comprehensive program. Successful completion of fifteen question quiz/test at the end provides a certificate for the course that can be used to show owners, FBO’s, schools and CFI’s, that basic operation of the ROTAX 912 is understood before use of the aircraft.


Thois is an excelent intro to the 912 and provides many good tips for those who are operating the 912.


During the next two weeks of the beta test, this course will be free. Just go to the web www.aviation-elearning.com and sign in as a student.


Could be worth doing, I haven't had time to go through it yet but it is free "for a limited time only":thumb_up:


Regards Bill



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Didn't log in Bill to see what was there as my Anti Virus program issued a serious warning about the site - anyone else get this sort of message?Dexter

Hi Dexter,


I registered and logged in without receiving any warning but haven't gone any further yet.


I don't think my anti virus software is state of the art though.:gerg:


Nothing bad has happened so far.:pc strikes back:


Maybe that is an indication that I haven't a clue whats going on:lost:


Regards Bill



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Mine just says Low Risk - Owner unknown


and it is a fairly good protector


Logged on did the module, passed the test but the certificate prints rubbish in the name / test / etc fields


Oh well it wasn't a bad exercise anyway.



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Did mine and got the certificate - looks good, no rubbish. The materials need a spell checker and I got one question wrong - a bit of a cryptic clue and not the answer I would be expecting (I would not leave a placard stating 80% on the filler and then expect 50/50% mix - but this is the US). Videos are good - you only watch one each frame - don't worry about the playlist that appears after it runs, these are picked up one at a time through the lessons. You can actually do it all just by reading the notes below (particularly useful if you have a slow connection).


The mutterings from the peanut gallery suggested a much more indepth interpretation of the finer points of Rotax 912 operation beyond this basic course, but I now have THE PIECE OF PAPER and that makes me the EXPERT!!! So There! .... Marital bliss returns ....025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif





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Not bad... didn't check out the previews or study stuff yet, but got 12 of the 15 answers right without reading anything...


Worth doing I reckon :thumb_up:



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