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visiting Canadian pilot


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Hi All,


Just landed (literally) in Brisbane from Toronto, Canada. Visiting Brisbane for about six weeks.


I fly a Flightstar IISC ultralight in Canada that I built a few years ago. With all the breathtaking scenery and great flying weather to enjoy in SE QLD I'm really missing my plane. Hoping to find local pilots/owners in the area who'd like to show a fellow pilot around this beautiful country. Happy to share flight expenses eg. fuel for plane and pilot. I have lived in Australia in the past and hold a RAAus Pilot Certificate with pax and high perf ratings (no x-country).


Also like to extend an invitation to fellow pilots to come flying with me in Ontario if you're ever up there. Dress warm if you visit in winter though :)


Some of my recent videos of flights over frozen Ontario:


Formation flight over frozen lake:







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flying video




I didn't find a local pilot to go flying with but I was able to get out for a couple of flights in a rented Jabiru and Gazelle. Beautiful scenery flying out of Caboolture, QLD. Made a short video you might enjoy:






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Frigid Flightstars


Greetings Flightstar


Thoroughly enjoyed your videos of the frozen North. As a displaced Canuck, they took me back some fifty years to Sudbury/North Bay area when we were doing the same in a J3 and an Aeronca Champ (and it doesn't look in your movies like it's warmed up any!). Pity you didn't get any stick time in a recreational machine whilst here in Oz. Best you make a return visit (next time to the western side of the country) and we'll ensure that you don't miss out. Rebuilt and flew a little Flightstar myself for a couple of years here in Perth and we still have Flightstar 11 at the airfield. Thanks again for the videos and you are welcome to my share of that cold weather. Cheers Riley



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Hello Riley,


I know Canadian snowbirds migrate down to Florida every winter but I had no idea some make it as far down as Australia!


I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. I had a lot of fun making them and it's great to watch and relive those flights.


This was the first time I flew in the winter and I must say, once I started to ignore my frozen toes, I found that I enjoyed it a lot more than summer flying. To keep the feet warm, I built a heat muff for the exhaust pipe but even with an insulated SCAT tube, all I achieved in getting inside the cabin was only slightly higher than OAT air.


Around -10C was my limit and I imagine it was probably much colder in Sudbury where you flew. Still, with all the lakes and rivers turned into runway material, the freedom to fly and land pretty much anywhere can't be beat.


I didn't get skiis for my Flighstar until very late in the season but fortunately I was able to try them out before the last of the snow melted. Hard to forget the whoosh sound of the skiis gently brushing the snow and settling in when landing.


I'd love to see pictures of your Flightstar and any old pics you might have of your flying adventures in the frozen north.


BTW my contract got extended and I'm still in Sandgate, Queensland. Not complaining at all!


Here's another Frozen Formation. This time with another Flightstar II:








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