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Aircraft grade Spruce available in Australia.

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Hi all....I am building a Pietenpol Air Camper and know how hard it has been to locate Spruce here in Australia.


I made a discovery of a chap by the name of Tom Filipcevic who lives in Newcastle, NSW. Tom is very involved with the restorations of Tiger Moths at Luskintyre Airfield which is located a short distance from Maitland Airfield.


I met with Tom on Sunday to have a look at what he has and was very impressed by his helpful nature and what he had to offer. I have spoken with 2 other builders in Australia who are building Air Campers from the Spruce that Tom has. Tom is happy for you to give him a call on 02 49696464.


He has a cabinet maker friend who has all the equipment to cut the Spruce to what ever size you require.


Before anyone asks I have no financial interest at all and have discussed this with Ian to make sure I am not "stepping on any ones toes".


I know how hard it is to obtain Spruce here so this will hopefully make life a little easier for the budding builder.


Scotty :rotary:



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A bit of topic but what engine are you putting in it?


CFI of Edra (Super Petrel manufacturer in Brazil) has a lovely one with a Model A Ford.


If you wish send me an email and I will send some pictures of it (do not know how to attach here...or someone tell me how please)



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