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Nice aircraft

John Raison

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After a long 7 hour drive from QLD. i finally got to meet the man behind the plane,Gary made us feel very welcome and gave us a great tour around the workshop/hanger and the works in progress and showing us all the parts that make up this great aircraft, also answering all our questions and then some. finally it was time to test fly the seirra and everything i've read is true Great preformance and supperb visability and after Gary put it througt it's paces it just confirmed it's great handeling. Then after anouther long drive home I had to break the bad news to the wife that YES I am going to place an order for a seirra kit later this year. If the Seirra is on your list take the time to go and visit Gary you won't be dissapointed





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Hi all at present i'm flying an xt912 trike been into trikes for 10 or so years but am ready for the comfort of a cabin and a joystick. Will definately be going for the 6 ,I flew with John in his 4cyl. but the added performance ofthe 6 is well worth the extra


Cheers John



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