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"Rotax Service Instruction for 912 and 2 stroke engines


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Guest pelorus32

What a completely hopeless document from Rotax!!


What's wrong with doing what other suppliers do and stating what the change is and why it's being asked for? This should come up front and in plain english. Then we might have some hope of doing what it is that they are suggesting we do.


The document provided is a techos delight.







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Fair call Mike, if manufactures are responsible enough and understand the reason why we as pilots of aircraft that use their products need to be notified of these things i.e. it is our lives at state, then they need to do so in a manner that enables the "Non Techo" person to be able to understand not just what we have to do but the reasoning why we need to do it.


Doing this not only helps us but actually may help them as we all have different environments so by understanding why may expose certain circumstances or scenarios that may be adversely effected by the change they are requesting us to do.


As a software developer I definitely know, and have suffered many times, that if you change one thing it can effect something else in a totally different area and only in certain situations which are often not known for some time later. Understanding the reasoning of a change helps us to expose implications in our use and provide comment back to the manufacturer.



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