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Possession is 9/10ths of the law biggles. You want a spot, you have to put in an appearance.


Should be the only excuse you need for a jaunt up to farri's place... I would have thought.



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The Shed on the left was originaly built by Michael Carrette and his son Mark, both students of mine. Their first aircraft was a Shadow, the second, a Zenith CH 701. The 701 was in there for 10 years. I was fortunate enough to get to fly both AC. A few years ago they purchased a rural property, half way between Deeral and Babinda. They made their own strip and these days the 701 is hangared there.


The AC on the left is Peter Bayne`s Kit Fox and the one on the right is Fontini and Uwe Vongunten`s X-Air. Fontini and Uwe were both my students.


Peter folds back the wings on the Kit Fox and Uwe runs the left wheel up on a small ramp so that the left wing goes up over the Kit Fox. The shed is nothing flash but it does the job and there are no landing or hangar fees.



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