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  1. Nice to see another ASC member on line. See you around the circuit. James Skyfox 0959. sounds like you all had a great trip.
  2. G'day Kaz, will pass on your regards to John and Jan. Cheers James.
  3. Wouldn't fly anything else these days, spent many hour in an Auster with my mate Coops. He's the one that got me hooked on tail draggers in the first place.
  4. Hi David, flying out of YGAW we have the luxury of having nice wide strips with both bitumen, and grass areas which the gliders use. It can still get quite interesting especially on final for 23 with last part being over a bridge on the Northern Expressway. When doing my tailwheel conversion I used to get scored by the guys at the club house, apparently some of my approaches especially in a cross wind were quite entertaining.
  5. Hi all it would not be the first time that I landed diagonally across the runway in my skyfox, Whichever technique works on the day is the one for me, depends on the conditions at the time. James
  6. Hi Paul, ,Did you see my last post re 55-959, yes it is the same one. I purchased it from Paul in Eastern Vic who originally learnt to fly in it at SkyFox aviation. In my log a number of mods were made during manufacturer, would you know how I would be able to find out what they are? Only reference number noted. cheers James
  7. I David, just reading the forum post and what other people were saying. James
  8. Just reading about the new Fox. look forward to seeing it, Love the old one. James
  9. Just watched your video, brings back memories of flying over there. Last time I tried to use my camera the shutter locked closed, what kind /make are you using?
  10. Pity about the exhaust spoiling a good trip, good call. Have flown that area a number of time in a mates Auster, top spot well worth the trip. Cheers.
  11. She still looks sharp and flies well, I'm the third owner, the chap I bought it from did his training in her. Do you have any photos of her from around that time? What was the rated MTOW when you flew her? the reason I ask is when I bought her it stated 520kg in the flight manual and placard but since the audit by CASA at RA-Aus I,m now flying with MTOW of 450kg as per type Cert. virtually impossible to fly 2 up. Any info you have would be great. Cheers James
  12. G'day foxworker, yes it is 55-959, I had it at Callington for some time after I purchased it from P. in Vic, now We fly out of YGAW
  13. Hi Matty, just watched your videos, some great shots and a good glide approach. I,ve got to agree the Fox is a great little aircraft. Ive been flying mine for a while now and love it. James.
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