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  1. ....of quiet contemplation as the vicpol officer was writing tickets out, this will probably be still cheaper than the landing fees at the nearby other airfields ........
  2. .......a lot of houses on the runway. It appears that the twenty year old ERSA may not have the up to date information...... Side note' Geelong airport closed a long time ago.
  3. ......can stay out of trouble in Tassie by not laughing and calling the locals V8's {two heads}......
  4. .....whole spirit of a side valve engine, the head is more or less flat not like that ohv thingy......
  5. ........then the realization hit home as they looked at the side valve Morrry engine, you bluddey cheat. That's a Datsun 1200 engine, no wonder you get more power out of it than any one else in the world. Yes the super charger pushed the old Morry a bit hard, pushed the pistons into the sump and blew the head off the block, but a Datsun engine with a Morry badge on top?? ......
  6. ......significant quantities of red cordial....... I realize that I am in the sin bin but I couldn't help it
  7. I hear you loud and clear Captain. I will pull my head in now and stand in the corner/
  8. .....even contemplate filling in an application form to apply for a form for a medical renewal form. You will need to ponder this for a while seeing our NES comrades have let the side down a bit. Firstly the captain lead in " taildragger" was lost, and then my lead in "sceet hoses" died as well. Lift your game people, we need to lift this nonsense to a higher level. Meanwhile the Morry engines are all gone now, the Reno do fine engines are all gone as well, the Ford econobox with the 408 cube engine tore itself to bits and the Pitts V8 was too nose heavy to lift off.....
  9. I am now buggering off to pop some more bunnies. they are coming out looking a little damp but no life jackets or flack jackets.
  10. For information of all. Some years ago a council in the western district of Victoria decided to charge a person that put in a local private airfield without a permit. The problem the council had was that the poor unfortunate farmer was also a very skilled barrister I an told he is actually a QC and the case went straight to the supreme court, of course the council lost. Now as we all know that supreme court precedent reigns so if your new private airfield is incidental to the primary use of the land the a permit in not required. Any way back to more important things like singing.........
  11. Side note, Captain and I posted at about the same time so the continuity makes no sense but you can, if desperate to make sense of this story, read the posts in a reverse order. You could of course not bother. Oh what the hell do what you like, of course it all makes sense.
  12. ........studied up and discovered that the problem was all in the description. Sceet is the intake hose on his engine so the lumps of hard clay that are now in the engine are giving the pistons hell {avref}......
  13. .....time he tried to renew his medical......
  14. ......as the sniper in question responded "I treat everyone fairly only use a bolt action 22 with a magazine of only10 and the tele sight is only for the hard ones that don't stand still."......
  15. ......bit of a nutter anyway trying to take off with three on board a single seater, but you can have three on board a two seater in Sydney if the passengers are young........
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