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    As you can see this needs some repairs. Before and after pictures sort of tell the story. I'm looking to sell this as a repair project to someone with the time and tools to get it back in the air. I'm no longer flying and don't have the time to repair it myself. It needs repairs to the fibreglass fuselage, rh aluminium wing skin[minor] , rh flap[minor], rh fibreglass wing tip[orange bit in photos], rudder has a hole in it. Most obvious is the landing gear legs - I have a contact overseas who can send replacement ones over. I've got the nosewheel intact, I also have 2 new bungees. Because of the prop strike the motor will need to be checked over but as the motor was at idle when it happened my Rotax repair guy says in his experience the motor should be undamaged because of the slip clutch in the gearbox. Finally it needs new propeller and painting. Transport is at buyers cost.


    Mareeba, Queensland - AU

  2. I'm in need of some parts for my plane and someone said I should contact Bob Magnolia. I think he may be in North Carolina. He replied and said he has what I need. Just wondering has anyone here dealt with him before - is he reliable? I'm in Australia and he said he wants payment by wire transfer which kinda rings alarm bells for me.
  3. Hi there Franco Just had a quick browse on your facebook page and your place there looks great what with all your lovely plants and flowers everywhere. Those drifters look like a lot of fun. I trained with Ron Watson in Innisfail and he pointed out your place once when we were on a nav to Gordonvale and the tablelands. Sorry bout the short message but getting late after a big day at work - I'll get back to you soon.
  4. Hi Franco this is the earlier Le Pelican mine is a Pelican PL
  5. Similar - at their thickest they're about 1.5 inches Here's mine with the fairings on so to be clear, are there are no parts available? How can I contact Serge and/or his company? Emails I have sent previously have bounced back. Thanks
  6. Anybody here own or fly a Pelican PL or know where I can get some main landing gear legs for one? They were a Canadian kit years back and since been taken over by Ballard Sport Aircraft in Quebec - have had no luck e-mailing or calling them Home
  7. Hello my name is Martyn - just joined today. Live in the deep north of QLD in a little village called Kuranda just west of Cairns. Used to be a motor mechanic but now work in Cairns in a shop selling bearings, tools, car parts and hydraulic hoses among other things. I own a RA-Aus registered Pelican PL which was built a while back by a guy in Ayr and I'm hoping for one thing to hook up with other Pelican owners on here. Have been browsing the forums for a while so decided now's the time to log on.
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