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1.1 An introduction to flight

This quiz contains basic questions as an introduction to flight

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  1. 1
    95% in 00:03:00 GraemeK
    09/12/20 06:52 AM

    95% in 00:03:00
  2. 2
    95% in 00:03:02 Rastus
    09/12/20 03:31 AM

    95% in 00:03:02
  3. 3
    90% in 00:02:47 Jerry_Atrick
    17/12/20 05:40 PM

    90% in 00:02:47

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Quiz An introduction to flight. A little longer time should be allowed for the participants to consider their answer. Can't see the point in it being a speed test. One extra minute should be enough. Good idea though!

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