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  1. Unpopular opinion to follow. I found flying in simulated instrument conditions in a C172 to be really easy. It was still easy with the artificial horison and the turn co-ordinator covered. At times I got into an unstable dive-climb oscilation but when the instructor got me to let go of the controls it just stopped - the wings were level the whole time. Having just the artificial horison covered but still being able to see the turn co-ordinator was easiest of all. I was not chasing pitch and the instructor would leave me alone about small deviations. No, I am not saying that it is the same as f
  2. I did not say that OME used a socratic method. No one was using socratic questining. Socratic questioning would be a way forward.
  3. May I interest you in a thought experiment and some Socratic questioning?
  4. It seems to me that you re-opened the thread, saw that no one thought that PenName owed any money and decided to close the thread again.
  5. I'm late to this soiree , but that might actually allow me to assist you better. Allow me to state my credentials, fellow aviators: I graduated in the top 1% of highschool students, and studied a little physics at university and a little maths as a post graduate. I carefully read the thread that the administrator closed. It seems to me that it is important to Mr Emu to discuss this but, like most of us, he is distressed by not being listened to when he has gone to so much trouble. Mr Pen was rude and stated his case without listening to Mr Emu. I might also add that I was a member of the Philo
  6. This is a shot from the video. Florida is not really near Mexico. So, here's hoping. The left wing is not visible, maybe because of a shutter issue.
  7. Sunny, like my disposition. ☀️ But it hauls a better load than a Cessna IMHO.
  8. Judging by this thread, old man emu was ruder than APenNameAndThatA, if that is who A Pen name is. "aro, I am crying tears of blood. You keep saying that I know f-all about physics. I cry because you know f-nothing." "Sorry that I didn't jump to reply to your demand for a reply, but I've wasted too much time trying to show someone who has no understanding of the manipulation of algebraic equations and a complete lack of primary school arithmetic ability to know that three divided by ten is the decimal fraction 0.3 . How you are ever going to be able
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