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  1. Exactly correct, I think. After settling down and reading the US Federal Register and related regulations/guidance in overall context, I think this is actually not the "big deal" that I originally thought it was, Essentially, as I understand the genesis of the issue, the US FAA had a court case where a Warbirds organization was charging very high rates for "training" in their warbird(s), which also have restricted airworthiness certificates. As I understand it, the price was really for the operating and maintenance costs, and was MUCH higher than prevailing instruction rates.
  2. In the US, as I understood the rules, the FAA has always inhibited using experimental aircraft for commercial profit. That is, an instructor or flight school could not rent their own experimental to others for training, or use it for paid flight. But previously, an owner could feely obtain dual training in it for himself. Likewise, a flight instructor could train an owner, and be paid for his time. I had a flight instructor at my local airport that was completely onboard with doing my IFR training in my new airplane before all this, but not anymore. I hadn't considered an instructor bei
  3. Well, folks, I just waded through the long string in this US/Canada forum about "Trump wanted his personal pilot to head FAA" A big "thank you" to the administrator for ending that painful string .. finally. But, as a US citizen I am saddened at how obsessed you folks seem to be in expressing your vitriol about Trump in particular and US citizenry in general. Not living here in the US, I guess it's easy for you to interpret our foibles based on the lens of your own experiences and history and what is reported to you. Trump had a lot of exuberant die-hard supporters (for understandable r
  4. I haven't seen much on this yet, but Essentially, the FAA has deemed it necessary to get a LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority) to conduct any compensated training in an EAB. If you search for "LODA" on google or the EAA site, you will see a lot of info. As Paraphrased in Flying magazine: "In effect, the agency seeks to limit the types of instruction that could be given in experimental aircraft, for example, to that of model-specific training, and not “permit flight training in experimental aircraft leading toward the issuance of a pilot certificate, rating, or operating privil
  5. If you live in a Gulf state or east coast of the US, you WILL encounter hurricanes (cyclones) at your property, and they spawn tornados as well. But although widespead, the winds are slower than tornados, and you have many days to prepare or evacuate. Tornados, on the other hand, come at any time with only minutes warning (if you have a siren alert system), or seconds if not, and the winds can be ridiculously high. The Nuclear plants I worked at were designed for 360 mph, though that's the extreme upper end. There was a famous one a couple decades back that sucked up soil down to the cla
  6. Thanks-- I loved the link, reading a few of the associated stories as well. Sadly, indeed it's a lesson not learned over and over. And beyond military, even to supply chains like the recent Japanese fire-induced micro-chip shortage that has cut deeply into US auto production. I guess It's just easier and cheaper (absent a mishap) to put all the eggs in one basket.
  7. This string is a little old, but I just noticed it. My career was in Nuclear Power. I worked at two plants on the Great Lakes (Northern Mid US). Both were hit by mid sized Tornados, well within their design. Inconvenient to the plants, but devastating to normal structures. We joke that Tornados "normal target" is trailer home parks. Not a good place to be at the wrong time, but honestly, the VAST majority of homes and small towns are never hit in normal human life spans.
  8. Dave: I Love your interior! I'm not surprised that the engine isn't ready yet. It always takes 3 times longer than your worst nightmare (especially near the tail end of a project) and that's not even counting COVID! But what a sweet demo plane it'll be when its ready! Mine is waiting for the guy to put the upholstery in. When will happen, I'm not sure even the Great Almighty knows! But at least it can fly without it. Wiring is about 95% and my panels are in place and have been fired up. I have two Dynon 10" screens and a Garmin 650 -- that uses up about all the avail
  9. Thanks Kevin-- I'll post a few pictures soon.
  10. I didn't post for quite awhile.... and then it appeared my account was terminated. My prior posts are still intact but have the word "Guest" inserted in front of my username. Anyhow, I'm back now, my Arion lightning XS is nearly complete, and I'm using the same username. Is there a time limit where you get booted off, or maybe a platform change happened? Ted
  11. kgwilson -- Hopefully, I'll be getting my airworthiness inspection on June 16th or 17th (yes, this year). I'll be sure to send some photos after that. I'm guessing Nick of Arion might also put some on Arion's facebook page, since he typically does so. I went with the Titan 340 over the Jab mostly for a little more top end (expected cruise at around 165knts). That said, I was sorely tempted to go with a Jab and a constant speed prop, which would have been a very sweet combination indeed. My ligthning is pretty typical for the XS types except it has
  12. Hi Dave-- My Titan 340 powered lightning is about ready to fly. Wondering about your progress? In the meantime, it looks like my access to this site was terminated, maybe I didn't log on for too long. Anyhow, signed back up with same name. Ted
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