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  1. FlyingVizsla

    Bungendore incident

    Canberra Aeronautical Club member hospitalised after NSW plane crash https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-23/man-hospitalised-after-small-plane-crashes-into-tree-in-nsw/10843668 The plane was privately owned, but the Canberra Aeronautical Club has since confirmed one of its members was flying. It is believed downwinds pushed the aircraft into the tree line shortly after take-off, causing it to clip the trees and crash. A spokesman from NSW Police, which is investigating the incident, said the man was the only person in the plane at the time of the incident.
  2. Adelaide pilot leaves 'I'm bored' message and graffiti on flight radar https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-20/bored-adelaide-pilot-leaves-message-on-flight-radar/10829262 An Adelaide pilot has taken workplace venting to new heights by etching "I'm bored" into the sky. The Diamond Star plane, operated by Flight Training Adelaide, spent a little over three hours in the air on Tuesday to draw the letters over South Australia. The message was not seen by people on the ground, but was visible to aviation followers watching live flight tracking programs and websites. It is believed the pilot, who was working out of Parafield Airport, north of Adelaide, was "running in" a new engine. The "bored" artist is not the only pilot creating messages or artwork, according to the Flightradar24 website. Throughout the world pilots are drawing planes, love hearts, leaving messages and even signing their own work on return flights.
  3. FlyingVizsla

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    He can't be voted out by the other Directors. The Constitution says: 38.4 The Directors cannot remove a Director or auditor. Directors and auditors may only be removed by a Members’ resolution at a general meeting. Tony has resigned. There are only two scenarios (a) he has resigned voluntarily, or (f) he has resigned by informing the Board he is no longer eligible under the Act. People resign for a number of reasons; pressures of work, family commitments, health. Whatever, lets hear it from a reliable source. He's been an active Board member for a number of years, so I doubt it is the Board as he's weathered stormier seas than this present one. Someone who knows him may be able to shed some light.
  4. FlyingVizsla

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    The RAA Constitution says 34.6 The Directors may appoint a person as a Director to fill a casual vacancy if that person is eligible under Clause 36. It does not outline how this person is chosen, except by the Directors. As a recent election had been held the results show who was the next most popular with the members. They could have just picked a mate - then we would have something to complain about .... As for Tony King's resignation, best to wait for reliable news. He can't be voted out by the Directors, only by the members, under the Constitution. Reading the Board Audit, he does not appear to be the problem. The Constitution again: 37 A Director immediately and irrevocably stops being a Director if they: (a) give written notice of resignation as a Director to the Company with the resignation becoming effective as of the date specified in the notice, (b) die, (c) are removed as a Director by a resolution of the Members, (d) stop being a Member of the Company, (e) are absent for three (3) consecutive Directors’ meetings without approval from the Directors, or (f) become ineligible to be a Director of the Company under the Corporations Act. Tony has been on the Board for many years
  5. FlyingVizsla

    MARYBOROUGH Military Aviation Museum QLD

    Yesterday I helped move the Maryborough Military Aviation Museum to a shopfront in Maryborough CBD. It will be open, initially, on Thursday mornings at 108 Bazaar Street Maryborough Qld (between the Cane Growers Assoc and Hotel Carlton). The aircraft being restored are still in a hangar at the airport, but this at least will make the rest of the collection available to the public until the dedicated museum building is erected at the airport. If you are passing through Maryborough, drop in and see us. MMAM have a facebook page with contacts. Best to call first to be sure someone will be available to open the shop. https://www.facebook.com/Maryborough-Military-Aviation-Museum-1766531723608433/
  6. FlyingVizsla

    Dave Clarke ear pads

    You will have to ask Ian - been a while since we bought ours, but, if I remember correctly, they were unbranded, came in a plastic zip-lock bag. They are still going OK, the original DCs they replaced got wrecked by whiskery blokes, they oozed from small holes and tears. As my plane isn't used for training anymore, I am the only user, which might explain why they are still good. I think they are marginally better. The DCs were a thicker plastic and all gel, these are softer and might have a little foam inside with the gel. They are not as sweaty. Just looked it up - bought Dec 2014. for $29.95 per pair.
  7. FlyingVizsla

    Dave Clarke ear pads

    Try the Shop (Clear Prop) on this site. We bought gel seals for my David Clarks - I see Ian has them for $30. Profits go back to running this site. See this https://www.clearprop.com.au/headsets/headset-parts/ear-seals-silicone-gel/
  8. FlyingVizsla

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    If you are referring to ELAAA Pty Ltd - Keith Page is a Director, and other Directors are on this forum who may be able to tell you about progress.
  9. FlyingVizsla

    Small Flying Schools

    Checklists do serve a purpose - I worked in construction - a couple of our lads self assessed (ticked & ignored) the Hot Works Permit. Angle grinding on a hot windy day without clearing the dry grass from where they were working or having water on hand. Up she went! Grass fire raging towards the car park and private land while they raced around trying to find something to fight it with. Wall of flame between them and car ... total write-off. If they had heeded the requirements it may not have happened. As it was he had to bear the loss of his vehicle and the wrath of his boss, and the local farmer lost a few hectares and a day mopping up. No checklist and he could have pleaded that No-One Told Me ... and the company might have been compensating a whole car park full of vehicles and an irate grazier.
  10. FlyingVizsla

    Small Flying Schools

    Mining includes all the little Mum & Dad mines (think opals, gemstones) and in some States Quarries too. The big coal mines have a fatality rate you can count on one hand. That graph shows the proportion of fatalities (not the proportion in reference to the size of the industry). Eg if there were 100 deaths in 2016 then 26 were Transport etc and 3 were Public Admin. In reference to the industry (a % of all people so employed) would show that agriculture tops the list as the most dangerous.
  11. There's an airpark, but the subdivision has no services - they are relying on buyers to provide their own off-grid solar etc. None sold as far as I know. The Maryborough Millitary Aviation Museum hopes to have a museum building up and running in 2020 and is presently restoring things and displaying in another hangar. The local prison has flights transferring prisoners & staff. No RPT, but there's a RAA flying school, Aero Club with C172 and some gliding enthusiasts getting that Club & School going again. Fuel on site or short walk to Servo. Large grounds with off-street parking, sharing with other useful facilities and organisations, with public amenities for 'festivals' like the Wings & Wheels a few months ago. Right the beside the town. I don't think it is under any threat because it is making itself too useful.
  12. FlyingVizsla

    What Now - please advise

    Can you add "country" to the avatar please. So I know when responding if they are USA or Australia etc. Particularly useful if they are talking regulations or prices. The old system had a flag or location text. Sue
  13. FlyingVizsla

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    Too much sugar is a problem, when it adds extra calories that are not needed. Particularly in our modern age when we are less active. Mr FV often says "what's wrong with young people these days ..." (among a litany of other things ..) "they don't eat enough FAT." I remind him that when he was their age, and eating lard sandwiches, that he milked the cow, chopped the wood, walked his sisters nearly 2 miles over swamp & hills to school where he carted water, chopped wood .... Compare that to the teens who wander from bed to kitchen to car & school room while attached to their screens. They don't need more fat, they need more exercise. He chose Splenda because it is made from cane sugar, with less calories. Our tastes have been moving towards sweeter food and manufacturers have been adding sugar as a cheap and appealing ingredient. Remember when Peanut Butter was all peanut? Now in a Choice taste test, the best ranked were also the highest in sugar & salt. When we look through his early Ultralight pictures - they were all weeds - you needed to be on the light side to get the Wheeler Scout off the ground. Now we are looking for increases in MTOW to accommodate our larger frames.
  14. FlyingVizsla

    Pushing Your Weight Around.

    Mr FV swapped his white sugar for fake sugar (Splenda & Hermesetas) and lost 4kg, cleaned up his fatty liver & high iron stores. He's now working on reducing the amount of "sugar" in coffee and on Weetbix and taking less on his plate. Keeping active is the key for both of us. He's a great advocate for drinking more water, and lots of it - he tells everyone.
  15. FlyingVizsla

    Lower your MTOW

    I like the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet because it is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. There's no additional food or meal replacements - no cost to participate. Research had shown that protein spread throughout the day and low GI foods kept people satisfied for longer. You can still have treats, but these are one a day (beer, chocolate etc) not in place of food. People lose weight on it and change eating habits. The other thing that convinced me was their estimate of the weight I could expect to lose over 12 weeks - 1.9kg - pretty reasonable given I am tiny and only just overweight. None of the overblown hype of the commercial (food additional ...) Lose 10kg a month!, drop 3 dress sizes by summer!, diets. And it is not a restrictive diet, it is a healthy balanced diet. It is the only one I have investigated fully. Have a dau-in-law who has been on just about every one; the weirder it is the keener. They all get tossed aside for the next lot of shakes, supplements or evil foods. Regardless of Diets, just reducing your plate size should go some way to reducing your MTOW.