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  1. Nick Sieczkowski

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    Then you have misunderstood me. That is exactly what I tried to explain. The Fly Better books explain it better than I can, or have time to.
  2. Nick Sieczkowski

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    Exactly. Pretty good for a bunch of blokes who
  3. Nick Sieczkowski

    Were the Wright Brothers in Newton's camp?

    The chapter on Lift in the Fly Better books by Noel Kruse describes it well. Effectively, the AoA and chamber of the wing bends the airflow creating a low pressure area above the wing (lift). This area of low pressure causes the airflow to speed up (opposite to what is commonly taught). Engineers used Bernoullis' theorem to measure the increased dynamic pressure of the airflow created from the low static pressure above the wing to test different shapes of wings, and at some point this was used to explain how lift is created rather than a resultant of the creation of lift. I believe that's a bit rough. The Wrights understood lift better than anyone else at the time. That's how they were able to develop an effective method to control their aeroplane (wing warping) as well as understand the requirement for a rudder. They also managed to design a propeller with an efficiency similiar to modern propellers with out any previous data to work with.
  4. Nick Sieczkowski

    New fuel laws

    https://www.raa.asn.au/our-organisation/events/article/?id=raaus-response-to-casa-fuel-minimums-proposal Original RAAus response from 2016
  5. Nick Sieczkowski

    another servey by RAAUS

    They do allow it. It even has a question asking if you have left and why. I'm sure if you contact them they will send you the survey. If not, send me your email and I'll forward it onto you
  6. Crete2Capetown Movie | Vintage Air Rally
  7. Nick Sieczkowski

    WTB RV4 OR 6

    Yeah, she goes alright, 160 KIAS burning 31 LPH. And she does a nice loop and roll too. He built a great plane. There is a possibility I'll be moving to Perth next year, so I'll bring it up every now and then.
  8. Nick Sieczkowski

    WTB RV4 OR 6

    There were a few good options around when I was looking, none of them were advertised though, it was all through word of mouth. The 4 and 6 are practically identical, just side by side vs tandem seating. Personally I prefer the tandem seating, and one day I'll build an 8, but until then the 6 suits the family better. She's a great little plane, just wish I got to fly it more often.
  9. Nick Sieczkowski

    WTB RV4 OR 6

    Yep. Got my hands on this 6.
  10. Nick Sieczkowski

    Replacement poll on RAA weight and CTA

    Sorry for the thread drift, but wouldn't a forward cg decrease speed due to the increased load the tail plane must produce?
  11. Nick Sieczkowski

    ELAAA Web Site

    Will it be a self declared medical?
  12. Nick Sieczkowski

    RAAus and ELAAA

    I didn't google it. I went to your facebook page, clicked 'about' then clicked on the link that was under 'contact info'. No need to use google at all. Anyway, the link has been removed when I checked this morning. P.S. thanks for posting the link to Amateur, Homebuilt, LSA and Experimental Aircraft Resource for Pilots and Owners, it has become one of my favourite sites
  13. Nick Sieczkowski

    RAAus and ELAAA

    Your facebook account links to him in the 'contact info' section. Your CEO was made aware of it over a month ago and its still not fixed.
  14. Nick Sieczkowski

    Pseudo GA

    Nonsense. RA and GA mix everyday outside AND inside controlled airspace. The problem is the moment someone gets their pilot certificate they are no longer permitted inside controlled airspace even though they may have done all their training (including solos) from an airfield which is inside controlled airspace. Your point about having to align GA and RA syllabuses is mute. An RA-Aus issued pilot certificate IS already equivalent to a GA RPL. CASA even recognise most endorsements, including navigation. See Getting your recreational pilot licence (RPL) | Civil Aviation Safety Authority I can't see why there would be any changes to maintenance requirements. Last time I was at Archerfield there were Slings, a Jabiru, Eurofox and Tecnam operating from there.
  15. Nick Sieczkowski

    Suggestions for amendments to Constitution

    As long as they are submitted on time (tic).................... Too soon?