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  1. This is my Punkin cover which I purchase 5yrs ago when I finish build the Sav, I absolutely luv it and it's packs down well and it's very light and carry it in my travels. I even keep it on in the hangar at home as it keeps the dust off the windscreen. Also thought I'd would add a extra photo of the Canberra Bomber on it's second flight after 11yrs rest and restoration just after we landed at Temora recently which was pretty cool...
  2. Definitely not cancel Neil as I plan to see a big part of this country from above. Just have to ride thru these crazy times.
  3. Hi everyone and just a heads up, due to my mate's wife who had her holidays cancel due to the Covid-19 and with the Victoria lockdown our trip has been cancel sadly and hopefully another time. July was the month we planned for. We're hoping to do just a shorter trip to Mudgee or maybe Lightning Ridge again just stretch the legs a little I was looking forward to meeting some like minded people along the way in our flying travels but not to be just yet. And thank you for those that help with good suggestions. Cheers Guy.
  4. Will do Neil and thanks for the info Kareelah and notice on google earth the rugged area north of Rylstone. We're planning on flying to Rylstone from Mudgee which shows a Valley of sorts with farmland which looks more friendly than coming from direct north to Rylstone. Also notice Cameras at Gulgong and Rylstone which hopefully gives us the heads up on the fog situation etc.
  5. Well the trip might b back on as the laws become more relax and If not I'll call it a protest flight ? I've change the route slightly from my previous plan slightly to skirt around the mountainous area's in Victoria. I also have 2 options on flying back home, 1 flying up to Broken hill and following the Darling river system back to Bourke then onto home or a more coastal route. We'll probably decided which way to fly back home when we're ready 2 head back over a beer or 2. I realize the SA boarders may not b open so we'll not land if that's the case or cut that part out and shorten the fligh
  6. Could you answer this question. Why is it that hospitals in Italy Spain and now the UK having trouble coping and are you convinced that this definitely wont wont happen here? Countries the size of Tasmania with population 50-60 million people in a small area and the higher age bracket probably doesn't help in trying to contain and control the virus.
  7. I agree it's not looking good at this stage but I'll live in hope it all comes together and the panic subside by then and we go a litttle normal like again. I'll keep planning the trip as there's always next yr.
  8. Our common interested that brings us together on this awesome site and we do tend to take things for granted, the thought of losing that comraderie is a bloody sad thought. It's a bugger your doing it tough Ian and I thank you for this great site but understand if u need to shut it down. I'm also happy to make a donation like Mark kyle said, and agree facebook doesn't have that interaction that this site has. This site was such a big help to me when i built my Savannah with information of pasted builders being able to help me out when I hit a brickwall and being able to do the same,
  9. Hi Michel and yes the airspace looks a bit busy around Melbourne and further north along the coast so I was thinking of a more inland route to get away from the controlled airspace. But on saying that nothing set in concrete at this stage and open to ideas and being flexible. Thanks for the insight Blur and yep i don't fancy winter swimming down in the southern parts of Oz. Hi Skydog and take it Peterborough is a tarmac strip ? I'll check it out on google earth and the Ersa. Hopefully sat will coincide with out trip and be able to say hi to u and others. Cheers Guy.
  10. Hi Drew, yes I've often thought about writing a article on my past trips and the in's and outs of it all, but the downside is I'm not very good at writing and not to mention there's no Sport pilot mag anymore and I don't even think there's a digital version. Hopefully the Magazine gets up and running again as I miss reading it front to back very much so.
  11. Hi Guy, I lived in Lismore when Ces & Alf Fyfe had an Ag Op there They hired a DH Dove & Cherokee 144 A local had a Piper Archer 300 IFR. Nice place Lismore Local area is great,Byron, Evans Head, Casino, sealed runway, with a big hump in the middle, so in nill wind if you were lined up at one end and the regular RPT Focker lined up at the other end, you could not see each other!
    1. Guy s

      Guy s

      Hi Drew and yes not a bad part of the country to live in and the Casino strip been shorten a fair bit so the hump has become more of a hollow now. Ces & Alf names is not familiar to me as I've only been flying for about 10yrs now. I know a few in the Aeroclub would know them and 1 would be George Sommerville who was the Cfi for many moons. Cheers Guy.
  12. Thanks for the insight Geoff and definitely helpful and hopefully we'll meet some of u guys in our travels.
  13. Thanks Nev and I've added Mudgee and Goolwa to my list. Most places listed basically were to just join the dots for a track to head south etc and we will b either overflying a lot of those places but if we need a weebreak or stretch the legs,, we have that option and we'll mainly will be staying at places that have something of interest about it if that's the right wording. Cheers G. Thanks again Bruce and I'll also be adding these places to my itinerary which is what i was looking for as I'm not familiar with the bottom part of Oz. Also point taken on pushing ahead and if the
  14. Sounds good Neil and I can let u know when we land at Lethbridge and there'll be another Savannah as well as mine on this trip. The talk of all this low cloud has me half spooked and I was hoping for those cloudless winter days like u get out west and up north. We might have have some spare days up our sleeves I think.
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