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  1. Hi guys, I can't compare the low wings planes, but I learnt in a Tecnam p92 (high wing) and I own a brumby 610 high wing. Both have Rotex 912uls engines. Brumby has more fuel ( 140 litres vs 90 litres), is substantially stronger ( ie undercarriage is held on by high tensile bolts not pop rivets etc) but is 4 knt slower. The main difference is the Brumby is built like a GA plane, and compared to the Tecnam is stronger and doesn't have little annoying repairs. It's certainly a lot wider and roomier and a real touring aircraft, has toe brakes and a real aircraft feel. The main differenc
  2. Garmin aero 500 is awesome, so many features. Worth a look.
  3. For what it's worth, I believe if you hold a current pilots licence and are in the GA area of an airport, you shouldn't need an ASIC. I have made my views known within the Federal Parliament. It's a good idea to write to your local Federal member of Parliament.
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    brumby facts

    Hi all, As you all know I have the 610 high wing. I fly all the time in it and use it now as part of my job. The other day I left Mildura to fly to Birchip and then later to Swan Hill. I was flying across the Mallee in the afternoon and the temperature when I left Mildura was 46 degrees Celsius and hotter in Swan Hill. Climbed to 4500 feet, cruise was 98 knots, all dials stayed in the green ( a little higher than usual), climb performance was 400 feet per minute, except in a thermal at 1500... I would describe the weather as "sporty", and was interested to see how the 610 would preform. I h
  5. Haven't got a photo to post but have a look at my website if you want to see my ugly face. www.andrewbroad.com Happy flying
  6. i hate ASIC cards, seems a real over kill for us pilots if you want my two bobs worth...
  7. what i want is a brumby that does 160knts, finding myself busy and need to go fast...
  8. hi Kununurra, been doing a fair bit flying. ive now done 200 + hours, no problems with airframe or engine, just a good reliable plane.
  9. I've been near the ag pilot planes, before you consider it, go buy some roundup stick it in a bucket and breath the fumes... It can't be good for their health.
  10. Just thought I would update those who are interested. I was successful at the pre selection. I am now The Nationals candidate for the federal seat of Mallee. Happy flying everyone.
  11. Hi all, website had to come down from the moment the nomination forms are handed in, pre selection rules apparently. Pre selection is on the 14th of April, I'll post and let people know how I get on. If I win that's good, if not,I'll have more time for flying and have a trip planned for Perth. Safe flying, and thanks for the encouragement. I agree with the sentiment that we need good people in all parties to ensure good government.
  12. "Australian made Australian grown" is a not for profit company, all directors are volunteers , we have nearly 2000 Australian business's that contribute money to pay for advertising to encourage Australians to look for Australian products. Business's that display the logo but don't comply with the guidelines are liable to prosecution. It's been going now for over 25 years. Runs on a shoe string with no Government money, but does a great job.
  13. As I've been travelling around, one of the big issues in the electorate is good runways with good lighting for air ambulance to land. The ageing rural population know that if something happens, fast airservices is essential. Stopping the closing and upgrades of air strips in country towns... Now that is a fight we can all agree is worth having! Web site is www.andrewbroad.com
  14. Hi everyone, I proudly fly he first Brumby high wing ever made. As a board member of Australian made Australian grown, I just had to have a great Australian built aircraft. I want to let the aviation community that I'm in the process of seeking pre selection for the Federal seat of Mallee. Check out my website www.andrewbroad.com I've been using my Brumby to get around the electorate, so even if I lose I'm having a lot of fun flying!
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