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  1. Yes all those parties were so surprised that someone got in on a real popular vote of the people that they ganged together to get rid of her ,regardless of whether you agree or disagree on her policies, if those parties did the same to form policy on important problems in Australia and around the world how much would things be better. Now where is my optimistic button ?!!!!
  2. PS have read all the posts now lol and see that costs were mentioned ,old planes are going out from what i see, old cessnas etc sids checks costs etc 80000 is to much for me ,im not interested in aerobatics others obviously may be ,but then that would be another set of rules surely and i got interested in raaus for lesser costs but theres no reason why we should have less safety in this day and age. plus it must be great to fly to meet other like minded people and help promote recreational flying because of the cheaper costs and fun of doing it. one thing for sure though be careful of asking f
  3. Well I for one reckon government bodies wouldnt be much different if we were a republic or not, one good thing about 750 kg would be increase or full load for fuel and more safety ie: brs if people wanted one, I would, of course one thing I havent read here although I havent read all the posts is. Cost of aircraft and homebuilt, no good getting a heavier aircraft if it puts it out of reach of people who cant afford it or build it. 2 pob still fine and vfr.Good to read all the opinions though keeps the refinement of ideas coming.
  4. what a great video,ive never seen this before,great video to show a little bit of what recreational flying is like.from what ive heard on here of his life and his experiences he told me about with his lightwing and other aviation interests he certainly has given his life to the sport and to helping others.
  5. yes i to had spoken with ross via this forum and on facebook as well. he loved his lightwings and always had positive things to say and im sure had positive critism where it was needed as well.this goes to show u should always try to meet people when u can
  6. with a plane load of fuel the only thing i would hav had on me was me running shoes,oh plus clothes
  7. an oldie but goody ,come on bex u can do better than that:yawn:
  8. i took up and still do tai chi it certainly helped me with everything even weight loss but of course i had to cut down on what i ate and drank plus eat food that was semi respectable .am also thinking of dropping in and buying food from the local farmer stalls.cant get much fresher than that.and of course im still learning to fly so what other incentive do u need
  9. how about dont wholly suspend the sentence and send him to jail to hav a think about what he did and what could have happened
  10. sorry i meant to type bex.apologies
  11. nah dex ..to a reporter every plane is a cessna
  12. a dispute with authorities ....cmon ?
  13. for the costs and weight penalty involved id be more than happy to have the chute in the aircraft especially if the mtow is 750 kg however they may never eventuate so i would have to plan on the 600mtow and eat more salads i suppose
  14. never know doug it may have been cant recall if they mentioned the persons name
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