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  1. I have a RAV4 V6 with an E10 suitable sticker in the fuel filler... BUT If I use 98 ( like I do) I get 10/100 If I use 95 I get 10.8/100 If I use 91 I get 12/100 If I Screw up completed and inadvertently ( not going to happen.. but I have tested it) put that acholic mix in.. IN WINTER.. 18/100 or worse In Summer out here 40+ road temp ... stuck on the side of the road with the alcohol boiling in the tank Simple maths but sure is some science mixed in there Tell me how that computes with your "its all in the mind" assumptions Also when I was using
  2. My kind of pilot... just sayin’ An Airbus 380 is on its way across the Atlantic. It flies consistently at 800 km/h in 30,000 feet, when suddenly a Eurofighter with Tempo Mach 2 appears. The pilot of the fighter jet slows down, flies alongside the Airbus and greets the pilot of the passenger plane by radio: "Airbus flight, boring flight isn’t it? Take care and have a look here!” He rolls his jet on its back, accelerates, breaks through the sound barrier, rises rapidly to a dizzying height, only to swoop down almost to sea level in a breathtaking dive. He loops back next
  3. My 5l bottle was good for 200km of fairly spirited driving..( would last 1200 km of 'cruising') You are essentially only inducing a mist into induction.. not enough for power improvement.. it is there for combustion control ( which I suppose is a power improvement.. but not via octane alteration)
  4. When I had my 81 Mazda 626 RWD turbo-ed (13.5lb boost) It had 50/50 water/methanol mix spraying down the throat of the weber card when ever the boost light came on (at 2lb boost..so fairly often in my case in my younger days in the early 80s) Definitely kept the temp in control in the Mazda as I had a motor the was now producing quite a bit over double the factory spec without an upgraded cooling... Car had rocket ship acceleration It had a 5l water tank with a window washer pump.. the nozzle was essentially a brass nib out of a Bic pen. The tank would give me around 200km, so I
  5. Patchen Explorer.. Was it the control anomaly the led to its tragic demise?...
  6. After months on the waiting list, witch Brumhilda finally got her Twin-Engined, turbocharged flying ‘machine’
  7. post war French Nord 2100 Norazur
  8. Waco Aristocraft... ( I like pushers)
  9. Get rid of it... It is WORSE than a waste of time, with a Serious lack of protection and an Excessive Amount of Garbage Warning and Advice.. MS Defender is our Baseline for protection assessment.. with All those mentioned falling well underneath baseline for actual performance.. Of my 15 computers.. only one has anything better on it... Kaspersky...
  10. And Avast is NEVER😬 Wrong ... with its endless protestations of death and gloom on your computer... Of Course.. Unless you you buy More Product from them... First thing to do is Uninstall Avast Completely .. Use awsClear.. Enable Windows Defender... (Free with Windows) Check site again There is Nothing I can seen wrong with the site ..... Only Czechoslovakian crooks attempting to drain you of your funds. I advise a similar advice for customers with the other 4 Heavily advertised 'fund gatherers'... No....n Mc....e Tr..d A.G and any other Generic named crap..
  11. I avoid going to your local Orrifce works... Your experience was a little better than mine... you actually got something you were after.. The next one up the coast is such a completely different experience...you wouldn't think they were the same company..
  12. The Jazz motor used in the Viking, is also in their outboard range..
  13. The First All-Civilian Mission To Orbit Inspiration4 - Home
  14. Hi, Is there someway to block a thread from appearing in my 'What's New' ? Thanks
  15. After watching the video about the GST, and then finding the mothball notice, I sorta felt for the owners and operational staff. Would be great if Aus funding got it back...but the pessimist in me doesn't hold much faith in the bean counters that they would understand the capability of the GST for Aus. I live in the hope that they prove me wrong.
  16. Watched this a few months ago, and so went to look where she had been flying, but found this..... FEATURE: Goodbye Old Friend - The Global Super Tanker Ends Operations | AerialFire Magazine
  17. Arron25

    Douglas DC-4

    The DC4 was on the 'wish list' for the museum at Longreach, but it seems 'there are none left'. I heard they were aiming for 15 significant planes.
  18. Do you have ANY knowledge of the Present Qld system. Seems to work very well, and as seamlessly simple as your your 'new systems' And Have You compared the occurrence in Qld compared with the debacle in the southern states...
  19. Aren't the Honda Jaz motor use in the Viking and the Suzuki used in the Aeromomentum also used in the parent companies outboards?
  20. Western Qld eclipsed 70+% Full dosed in the past couple of weeks
  21. We are continuously hammered with the risk of AV , but where are the similar statistics for the others?( i often wonder "follow the money" or is it media 'bu***it burnout) I did hear Phizer has an induced heart disease problem. While all the time the media, both social and main stream, ignore that so many 'normal' activities have risks in the multiples more dangerous. Is it because these other risks are 'grandfathered' and untouchable by the less reputable lawyer brigade
  22. No access to public funding/welfare No access to Public health There was a surgeon on the radio who said if he wasn't fully vaccinated.. he would HAVE to find other employment as he would not be allowed to operate ... Why is not the case for ALL health care/age care workers?
  23. My personal belief is that Anti-vaccers and protesters should be 'assisted' in their efforts by banning any access for them to public funded health care and financial assistance.
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