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  1. ... To watch one of my oldest friend's "Cheshire Cat Grin" during his first light aircraft flight!
  2. Thanks Thirsty! I liked your vid too. Great viewpoint. Is it stuck to the top of the fuel tank? My Ego would start recording, I'd confirm it, only to shut down or lock up some time before I'd taxi to the threshold! Missing out on video of my Port Fairy approach/takeoff was the final straw. Also, the format the Contour outputs seems to be more efficient and my poor old laptop can cope with Hi-def editing. Not so with the Ego. Yeah, the Chinese students can be challenging to understand at times, but you get used to what they're saying. A handful that have gone through the academy have ha
  3. Well, the Ego failed me too many times! I think it doesn't like the heat when in direct sunlight - hard to avoid in a bubble-canopied-low-wing! I went a purchased a Contour Roam 2. Took it out for a burl yesterday. It was hot when I took it down, but it didn't skip a beat! The Ego might still come in handy as a second camera. Just a pity, really!
  4. Thanks everyone! Kaz, yeah thanks! I see what you mean. That photo really does makes it look just like the rope is straight down. I was a bit worried myself that we'd done it wrong, but from another angle it shows the rope forward and slightly out from the fuselage. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. A few weeks ago I flew the Tecnam down to visit friends at Port Fairy that stay for a week each January. It was a great trip, my first landing on an ALA and first time I left an aircraft for more than a few minutes. Many more pics and full story at my blog. http://1000feetagl.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/lunch-by-sea.html
  6. Beautiful pics Terry! Thanks for sharing. I flew in to Port Fairy on Thursday. Such a beautiful setting!
  7. Was the Roadhouse Emmdale? 15981 Barrier Highway, Wilcannia NSW 2836 http://m.google.co.uk/u/m/dMbZls
  8. Great to hear you've made it down safely (been a bit blustery here too!). This is the place we go to! http://thebeanbarn.com.au//index.html
  9. I think Grampians and 12 Apostles are the main attractions out here. If you drop into Ballarat, feel free to give me a buzz. We can go and get some good coffee. Cheers, Evan [Edit] just saw the posts in between. Still, if you are in the area.
  10. Good coffee and cafes in Ballarat. Also, be aware of the future works at Lethbridge. Check with their website or phone before coming down. :-)
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