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  1. Hi Mitch - amazing stuff. Emailed SS and their 'official' reply - "It is not necessary to use Alodine. A clean etched surface will bond extremely well with our EkoPrime or EkoPoxy primers. You can Alodine if you like. " As you say alodine is toxic so I am going to give the SS (clean/etch/prime) way a go and maybe (if I am game enough) apply the masking tape rip test and maybe Duralac the rivets and bolts. Thanks for your help, John
  2. Hi again Yes the decisions are taking some time regarding avionics. Further to the priming system which is now on its way from NZ but I was speaking with a qantas engineer yesterday and his advice was to alodine everything before priming to ensure adhesion. I have emailed SS to clarify whether this would be compatible with their system or not - it is either a belt and braces thing or incompatible. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for responding Mitch. That all makes sense to me. I have contacted the NZ 'supplier' although still waiting for pricing. Yes tricky it is - those drawings need watching and countersinking rivets is an aquired art just to get the cage adjusted right. A list of the accredited (?) tricky bits to look out for would be a useful resource. Yours must be flying by now? What happened with your avionics kit - Vans seem to be still working on that. I am registering E-LSA although a non current CPL. All the best John
  4. Hi All Took delivery of my empennage kit last week (for RV12 #589). Have done quite a bit of work so far on preparing parts but unable to assemble anything due to difficulty in deciding on/obtaining a suitable idiot proof priming system. I have heard of the Stewart Systems water borne materials which seem pretty easy to use but have questions about later compatibility with external finish options. Has anyone any ideas or firm advice on what NOT to do? Jon
  5. jon

    RV-12 Builders List

    OK - if you are in WA we are 3 hours out of whack and I won't be in front of my screen. However I agree to the PM and will leave my email address for you if I can! Jon
  6. jon

    RV-12 Builders List

    Not sure how to do that? A PM that is.
  7. jon

    RV-12 Builders List

    The current list above shows 6 in Vic - so there are more?
  8. jon

    RV-12 Builders List

    Have communicated with Steve - he is sending a builder's kit. Also have made contact with L4's to get the 'gen' started. Kit# 120589.
  9. jon

    RV-12 Builders List

    Thanks rgmwa - yes I have been a fan of that forum - amazing stuff. Seems I need to have things signed off by a L2 or L4 at various times. Any help out there about locating any such clever chaps that would be interested in vetting my build at Acheron (Near Alexandra in Vic) Cheers Jon
  10. jon

    RV-12 Builders List

    Finally just ordered RV-12 empennage kit and tools. Due in a month I am told. Just missed the high dollar but no worries. Jon
  11. Still waiting to sell a property before placing an order or look any closer at anything. I think I have now pretty well decided on the RV-12 though complete with wheel pants. Seems a well thought out little plane and looks like great fun to build. Cheers Jon
  12. Thanks Gary. I take your point as, clearly, not everyone sees things the same way. I have been intrigued by your product but a little unsure concerning the simplicity/difficulty of the kit and maybe the material grades e.g. fibreglass fuel tank. But I would like rather to see that face to face as I have done with other kit suppliers than get lost in any imaginings. If there are any Victorian aircraft you could suggest I look at it would save a long trip to Taree. Thanks Jon
  13. Thanks Dazza - that's very kind of you!
  14. Yep - and the lawn still has to be mown!
  15. Savvy like that makes you a Wing Commander and me a Pilot Cadet eh!
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