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  1. Bex, I really admire your stickability and inventiveness. This is great. As you are in the same neck of the woods as Chongqing, I wonder if you know anything about GK (Gaokin) engines, and/or the company, like this : 4 stroke liq cooled v-twin 850cc 65HP (reported) 42kg bare. Also, any idea of freight costs from there to Brisbane ? Wishing you continued progress and health regards, Qld-blue.
  2. Thanks for your attention. I've been in touch with Lightwing as well. It was the prototype apparently. First with 912 engine; but it proved too heavy with all the 'glass. Still, I guess they last a long time.
  3. Hi to you all in this forum. I saw an advert on aviationclassifieds.com.au for Lightwing 912 aircraft rego 19-3263 does anyone know it's history, weight limitations, quality, etc. It seems to be modified with fibreglass shell, and replacement engine. Not been in use for a long time now. What is the general opinion about its worth and pitfalls ? Many thanks for any responses.
  4. Hi Blue, Pilots name is Bill Greaves 0448 728 899, should be back from Oshkosh soon, flies from his place, could do lessons at Caloundra/Caboolture Regards Mike
  5. Thanks Mike, I'm a true maroons man I had red hair as a youngster, so I'm Blue
  6. Hi Pud, Thanks for the welcome I had red hair when young, 'til it all disappeared blue
  7. Hello all, I'm Peter. Newly retired and dreaming of a savannah and lessons, in the other order Living on Sunshine Coast. Over many years my job took me all over Australia and beyond. Now I'd like to see it from above without the corrugations You sure have a wealth of experience and information in this group. I've a lot to digest. Peter
  8. Hello to all. I'm beginning to gather data about a savannah for use as follows :- I want to visit many outback places i've already seen via road travel, but without the corrugations ! The Sav seems to be the choice. I'd like to be able to carry 2 pax, so fuel load needs to be watched, and fuel availability is critical, so I'm thinking an 80hp rotax using standard unleaded is the answer. Speed is not a particular concern for me, but what is the realistic cruise in an 80hp Sav with 2 up. I have found these places having standard unleaded fuel within 500 metres of the
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