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  1. Over the many decades that I have been playing around with engines, iv'e had to replace quite a few, and had to do so on my own car this week. (Yes I know it's a Ford), but quite often they are tucked up on the block under the manifold and more easily accessed if up on a ramp. The leak which often starts off as a small weep from the actual body, rather than the threaded part can progress to a more sinister leak which covers everything when subjected to heat, which makes it a bit harder to locate. Leaks from them is not uncommon at all. At least I didn't have to pay a Rotax price to replace mine.
  2. Sound like me spacesailor. I was Schoies member 139. Never flew out of Schoies though, normally due to weather. I did my bit from Bankstown on weekdays with Mark always wears a hat and long skarf (forget his surname) after geriatric Airways had transferred aircraft to Bankstown for weekday op's. Still have occasional contact with Val Leslie who ran the club mag and was secretary to Ian Honnery who organised the air shows..
  3. Check out this most amazing model . Best viewed full screen with volume up.
  4. I'll be close by for the next couple of weeks Ian looking after the grandkids. If I see a frustrated aviator who looks a bit like you with a donation bucket at traffic lights, i'll lob in a few bucks, but won't tell anyone on here. Good luck mate. Remember as one door closes, another one can open.
  5. For sure, the instructor reacting to the shadow and hearing the other aircraft noise get's the gurney in my books. A situation that the tower should have been on top of way before that point.
  6. These guys need to buy more than a lottery ticket to have escaped this near miss. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-49715399
  7. Very sad, getting late in the day with no doubt failing light and very poor flying weather. First found was tail rotor which does not sound good. RIP and condolences to family and friends.
  8. That's a real beauty! Bet it climbs like a home-sick angel with a 3300
  9. I agree in principle what you are saying is correct onetrack. However we are fortunate to have internet, youtube, (oh! and of course Recreational Flying) etc; and a myriad of other information at our disposal, and I wouldn't mind betting he has none of these to further his knowledge. He like many others that fail, would find it very difficult to further one's knowledge to achieve desired goals without this information being available. But I do have to admire the poor buggers determination. As a young bloke, my cousin and I fitted a Matchless 500cc motorbike engine to a canoe with an outrigger he'd made at school. We too, were not so knowledgeable at the time. It went like the clappers for the first 50ft and may to this day still rest somewhere on the bottom of the river 60yrs later, at Sunbury-on-Thames At least we tried. and the old Vanguard went better coming home, without it on the roof.
  10. God Bless him, he's an inspiration. While we who live in more affluent area's of the world enjoy what we have, and even with some difficulty can afford, I have nothing but admiration for poorer souls who try to fulfill a life-long dream and spend their life trying to achieve it. Good on him, I sincerely hope he safely achieves his goal.
  11. A quadcopter gets to yaw when motors rotating in the same direction have an increase in power applied to them. In the case of the popular DJI Phantom type with 4 motors. 2 props rotate clockwise and the other 2 counter clockwise. Hope this helps?
  12. Tower did a great job, as did the student. No injuries and the aircraft can be used again, which is also a good thing. Hope the instructor is OK, and I can't help wondering whether his wife might put the mockers on his flying after such a scare, which having three kids would be a natural reaction. I feel he must have had a bit of instruction in the past, which would have given him a few clues, thankfully. Well done all round.
  13. I'm with Thruster88 on this one, and wonder how The Wright Bros would view it if they were still around. Whilst they appear to be larrikins enjoying their achievement in a typical-Aussie jovial way, it was at least well way from others over the relative safety of water with one passenger who was prepared to take a risk. Development of so many things carry an element of risk in the initial stages, but that normally changes in time with design progress and some form of regulation. Try nothing, and that's the same as what you'll ever achieve. Fly-fishing now takes on a new meaning
  14. Noisy buggers. Used to hear them after they took off on test flights from Seven Hills around 1978. Was very surprised to see one lift off from the industrial area and had no idea there was a strip there that they could take off from. No doubt a very useful bit of kit to have on large properties. I think they only produced about 100 or so.
  15. To throw a spanner in the works, does this help with the dreaded jet-lag we sometimes suffer?
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