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  1. And for further good advice, there's always Graham Ross's Gardening Show on Radio 2GB 873am on Saturday mornings.
  2. Oh no! not another airport sale like Hoxton Park etc; etc; Maybe they should sell the airports pollie's use for commuting to Canberra until they find someone in government with a bit of vision Just don't hold your breath on that one.
  3. planedriver


  4. Not much restoration done yet methinks----overalls too clean!
  5. Don't worry about the seat pitch red, rumour has it that the seats are being redesigned with deep recesses for ones kneecaps. But the airfares may get a little cheaper:wink:
  6. Forgetting to put in the drain plugs before launching proves what seems to be a strange scientific fact. Water goes in faster than it comes out:wink: They also get very, very heavy in no time at all. Trust me!
  7. I nearly put a reference to Sammy Davis Junior in my original post PMC, but refrained because these are respectable forums.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/bM5diyl48K/alcock
  9. Facthunter (Nev) is not on line at the moment, as a believe he may have ducked down to the bottle shop to get something to celebrate with? If he gets back before drinking the contents, he should tick over the 20,000 post's mark this evening, which currently stands at 19,995. What an achievment! and may it continue for many moons to come.. I for one, would like to pass on my sincere thanks to you Nev for all the knowledgable tips and wise contributions that you've posted over the years, which help us be a safer community and better pilots. I can assure you it is very much appreciated. Good on you mate, your efforts are worthy of some recognition. Well done! Kind regards Planey
  10. Great post and some brilliant photo's. Looks like a wonderful trip which may inspire others to replicate. Thanks for posting it.
  11. Nicely done by the man on the sticks, and of course the grip with the camera
  12. When I saw it fly past from the balcony of my hotel on last Sundays flight, it appeared to be flying at probably only around 5 or 600ft above sea level, which does not give much time if anything goes pear shaped. I was just fitting telephoto lens to my camera to get a shot of it, but ran out of time. Fortunately, the pax on this occasion is still around to tell the story of his experience, and is probably counting his lucky stars. Very sad to loose another iconic old aircraft with loved one's on board. R.I.P. and condolences to all family and friends. Just had a call from a second cousin in the UK who only a week or so ago had a Spitfire flight for his 90th Birthday. News travels fast these days.
  13. Search underway for missing Yak52 which had been on short local joy flight, near South Stradbroke Island. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/two-missnear South Stradbroke Islanding-after-small-plane-disappears-over-moreton-bay-20190605-p51uur.html. Very sad, saw it only a few days ago flying past Surfers Paradise, and thought it looked great.
  14. Anyone wishing to fabricate their own dolley, may find The Richmond Wheel and Caster catalogue useful. They carry a huge range and have outlets in most States. Castors - Richmond Wheel & Castor Co
  15. I have a second cousin who used to work on Spitfires and he turns 90 yrs old tomorrow. Lucky bugger is being treated to a Spitfire flight out of Biggin Hill on Wednesday. (family pockets there, are a lot deeper than mine) Guess who's green with envy? I used to live approx midway between Biggin Hill and Kenley, so saw plenty of both Spitfires and Hurricanes flying around as a kid, so found the Wikipedia write-up very interesting. Thanks for posting the link OME.
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