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  1. Welcome lee My guess is Dunsfold?. Stay away from Redhill, my nephew flies some quite large R/C models close by. I flew from Biggin Hill and Shoreham.
  2. Hi Adrian, there's an old saying that says "profit is made from the very regular use of something, not necessarily the ownership of it. I too went through the stage of wanting ownership, but that never eventuated. In hindsight that turned out the best for me. I also once owned a very nice cabin-cruiser which was not used as often as originally anticipated. I would have saved many thousand by simply hiring when I needed too. Food for thought!
  3. And some threads get a bit like an autobiography which others may not want to compete with. Just my view, and maybe i'm wrong, but it's how I feel.
  4. Many would no doubt be a bit pee'd off initially if someone expressed concern at their antics, however, hopefully they would think about it and live to fly another day. Forewarned is to be fore-armed, or at least that's the way it's intended to be. In my books, you did the responsible thing Alf and family members would no doubt appreciate it too.
  5. Wishing you all the very best in your recovery stages too, albeit a lot slower than you'd wish for, i'm sure. Keep your chin up mate, i'm sure you'll get there. Rgds Planey
  6. On a recent trip to the UK, I was amazed at how many farms which at one time produced food for the populous, were now filled with rows and rows of solar panels and nothing else, because it was in their financial interest to do so. Not sure what subsidies they get from the government, but obviously they are now more reliant on the fact that a far larger quantity of food has to now be imported to cover the shortfall, but presumably they now have more power to process and cook what they can't produce themselves. It's a complex situation which is way beyond my brains.
  7. Thank you for your contribution and those of all your mates. Very much appreciated. Rgds Planey
  8. Over the many decades that I have been playing around with engines, iv'e had to replace quite a few, and had to do so on my own car this week. (Yes I know it's a Ford), but quite often they are tucked up on the block under the manifold and more easily accessed if up on a ramp. The leak which often starts off as a small weep from the actual body, rather than the threaded part can progress to a more sinister leak which covers everything when subjected to heat, which makes it a bit harder to locate. Leaks from them is not uncommon at all. At least I didn't have to pay a Rotax price to replace mine.
  9. Sound like me spacesailor. I was Schoies member 139. Never flew out of Schoies though, normally due to weather. I did my bit from Bankstown on weekdays with Mark always wears a hat and long skarf (forget his surname) after geriatric Airways had transferred aircraft to Bankstown for weekday op's. Still have occasional contact with Val Leslie who ran the club mag and was secretary to Ian Honnery who organised the air shows..
  10. Check out this most amazing model . Best viewed full screen with volume up.
  11. I'll be close by for the next couple of weeks Ian looking after the grandkids. If I see a frustrated aviator who looks a bit like you with a donation bucket at traffic lights, i'll lob in a few bucks, but won't tell anyone on here. Good luck mate. Remember as one door closes, another one can open.
  12. For sure, the instructor reacting to the shadow and hearing the other aircraft noise get's the gurney in my books. A situation that the tower should have been on top of way before that point.
  13. These guys need to buy more than a lottery ticket to have escaped this near miss. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-49715399
  14. Very sad, getting late in the day with no doubt failing light and very poor flying weather. First found was tail rotor which does not sound good. RIP and condolences to family and friends.
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