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  1. planedriver

    My CH650 kit has arrived !!! Yippeeeeee

    It works well on outboard motor corrosion as well.
  2. planedriver

    Are you happy?

    Approaching 8 yrs of happiness on this site can't be bad in anyone's books. Just so appreciative of all your hard work. Thanks Ian, and helpers.
  3. planedriver

    Bloody Jetstar

    Jeez mate, your timing is bad. Just got home from a few hours fishing on Botany Bay, and there was plenty of room for you in the boat. With your computer skills, you might have even been able to work out where the fish were feeding. That would have been a bonus.
  4. The sand looks damp under port wing, but a bit dry on the starboard side. Anyway, it always helps it it stays the right way up, as in this case.
  5. planedriver

    The Aviation Acronym Song

    Posting that, is a bit cruel to some of us old geysers Phil. I have a few procedures coming up and it looks like I need to add a new brain processor to the list as well.
  6. planedriver

    Tell us about your last flight

    Or come to Cole's supermarket in Earlwood where hypothermia sets in after a few minutes.
  7. planedriver

    The XPB Stage 1 underway.

    And so say all of us
  8. planedriver

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Could not see any photo along those lines. Possibly a good thing as i'm about to have lunch
  9. planedriver

    The XPB Stage 1 underway.

    All the very best mate, work on the assumption that the devil looks after his own. I too had a very recent spell in hospital with ticker problems, pneumonia and fluid on the lungs and made a discovery about hospital food. The orange bits are carrots, green bits are beans and the yellow bits are sweet corn. Cleverly they manage to get them to all taste the same. Any leftovers are exported to China 😜. Take care, and we all look forward to your return, fitter and better. Kindest Regards, Planey
  10. planedriver


    Looking good Don, keep at it.
  11. planedriver

    Drones close Gatwick Airport

    TWO ARRESTED! Good work by the Sussex Police and others involved.
  12. planedriver

    Tell us about your last flight

    Looks good! Always nicer when the weather Gods are being kind.