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  1. Sounds great Bruce, many thanks, will do. Regards, Rob
  2. The one I was able to get from from Howie was for the new aircraft, he couldn't find one for the older machine which was built in 1989 so was hoping someone has one for the older Lightwing. Thanks both for the advice and I'll try RA-Aus tech. Regards, Rob
  3. Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of a LW GR912 POH please? Howie Hughes couldn't supply. Thankyou, Rob Easther
  4. Hi bob how it going with your flying in turbulance has that inproved?
  5. Has anyone found a cheaper price for a PLB with GPS than AccuSat MT410G $589 from Johnny Appleseed https://www.ja-gps.com.au/index.html ?
  6. I'm in the market for a replacement for my X-Air. With the possibilty of buying a GA aircraft like a Cessna 150 under the likely new RAA weight regime, I'm getting all sorts of advice and comparisons with RAA aircraft that has my head spinning and would like to hear more discussion on the topic. I'll write to the magazine editors and ask that someone clever write an article on the pros and cons as this must surely be a hot topic for the very near future. safety...initial cost...maintenance...aircraft longevity...performance...operating costs...rough field landings/take offs...durability...
  7. hey rob i ll be down hobart way this week for 2 weeks might catch ya at sand fly when we drop in to have a look ( we are driving not flying dam !!) we like to have a look at diffrent airfields while down tassie way . cheers gary townsend [email protected] dodo.com.au
  8. Thanks Tony, I had heard about Amorall and it loks like the way to go...my skins can certainly do with a bit of sprucing up and the fact is the aircraft is not in the sun for long periods. I haven't heard from Michael Coates yet re X-Air's specifically and might see what he has to say also. Thanks again. Regards Rob
  9. Many thanks to Jordi, aircraft 1 and Rocko for your advice, very helpful. Will contact Wayne Fisher to discuss and also join X-Air Users group. Regards, Rob
  10. I have a vague memory of information on the site about this but can't find it so, wondering what people do about providing some uv protection for the wings and fuselage on aircraft like my X-Air? 303-uv-protectant is a product I've found on the internet which sounds easy to use and not too toxic. Something water based would be good? Then someone suggested I use a water based clear paint from the hardware shop if such a product exists. Advice anyone please?
  11. No bob this is not the case i will have to check my setting. regards Paul
  12. Hello Paul, I wrote a reply to your latest but the system told me you were not tking personal emails...is this so? Regards Rob
  13. Hi Ian, I think it's OK as Ross has loaded it as an avatar, have yet to see it appear when I post a comment on the forum. Sorry for the trouble! Regards Rob PS The site is really great!
  14. Thanks Potoroo for the advice re critical speeds, will study the Handbook. And Ian for the book reference. I had another cladssic referred to me and will also seek to purchase that, 'Stick & Rudder'. Ian, any news on why I can't seem to get a photo onto my profile please? Regards to all Rob
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