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  1. If there's that much blowby the engine needs reconditioning!
  2. DonC

    Jabiru engine cooling

    Oscar, how the hell is spending 2 grand on instrumentation going to save you an overhaul - if it's running hot, it's running hot, and you have still got to do something about it. In 2000 hours I have been through 4 engines and at least the same amount of top ends.
  3. Last time I landed there ( several years ago ), I had note attached to my aircraft telling me in no uncertain terms not to without permission from the hydro mob.
  4. Don did you contact the people I gave you and jack?
  5. Anyone know anything about a Jabiru incident at above? Nosewheel and prop damage
  6. Narromine not very important nowadays? Doesn't rate a mention in the latest PCA - is still in the ERSA though
  7. I would calibrate the gauge first!
  8. And please, there is only ONE final - NOT finals
  9. DonC

    Brumby 610

    Thanks, Motif, I have all information that is on line - just looking for something new!
  10. DonC

    Brumby 610

    Any Brumby 610 owners out there with reports yet?
  11. DonC

    Latest 3300

    So - Has anyone else bought one, or am I the only idiot?
  12. DonC

    Latest 3300

    Has anyone bought a 3300 post ser no 2390? I would be interested to know if mine is the only lemon (again) With the reduced compression I lost 200 rpm ( and several hp ) The revs were regained by buying a finer pitched prop ( at my expense ) but of course cruise speed is down while fuel consomption is still 25.6 lt/hr. Pissed off
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