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  1. I have no particular interest in Qantas but I am curious as to why you say the shares are not performing? https://www.afr.com/companies/transport/qantas-soars-to-all-time-high-20191111-p539gh
  2. Is Qantas handling this in manner that is different to other airlines? Are the US airlines grounding entire fleets or just particuclar aircraft? I dont particularly have an informed opionion but will be flying in one next month.
  3. octave


  4. I would not say stuffed but probably less suited to country living. As I said I drive my son's BMWI3 when visiting him. He is quite a petrol head and owns many cars but drives an EV for his daily drive. Even with his fairly aggressive driving style he has enough range for his usual daily drive. this vehicle has a range extender engine but this is rarely used. He charges it of a standard plug at home on off-peak electricity which costs a little over $1 per 100 km. He lives in Wellington where fuel is well over $2 a litre. Apart from that servicing and repairs are dirt cheap (no repairs so far) Tires on this particular car are horrendously expensive $400 each! I found it much more fun to drive than an ICE vehicle. There are some Teslas that have done 500 000 miles and still have 80% capacity Tesla batteries will live longer than expected, survey finds it seems that batteries are tending to last longer than predicted. Occasionally a battery will fail however the standard guarantee is 8 years. !0 years is quite a longe life for a car. A friend has one of the first Nissan Leafs and is contemplating replacing the battery which will cost around 5.5k I am not sure how this compares to replacing an engine in an ICE car after it is clapped out. Used EV car batteries are being repurposed for stationary systems. What happens to used electric-car batteries? You may be surprised. Of course, the numbers are still relatively small but as the share of EVs grows so will the recycling market, indeed it is already underway. China scrambles to tap EV battery recycling opportunity I am not suggesting that today's EVs are suitable for all driving regimes however in my son's case charging overnight on puny 8 amp charger (car starts charging when off-peak begins) gives him plenty of range for his daily run with plenty to spare. The batteries do not effectively get to zero due to the protection systems but the charging starts out being fast reducing as you get past 80%. My son only uses a fast charger (50kw) when he goes to his favourite cafe where if it were almost flat it would take about 40 minutes. For many people the daily drive is modest, the car sits idle overnight. When I borrow this car one of the joys is never having to go to a petrol station (it does have a small range extender engine but we have never used it. To say that charging takes 40 hours is very much a worst-case scenario and really only applies to the largest batteries and the smallest charge, ie standard powerpoint. I am certainly not saying everyone should go out and buy one if I thought that I would buy one myself but it is not quite economically viable yet. This country does lag behind many other countries. Whilst visiting my son in NZ it is common to see quite a few evs on the road (loads of leafs, or is it leaves?) I believe Norway has reached 60% of new vehicle sales being EV. Almost every car company is selling or developing EVs and many have announced that they are phasing out ICE engines. If I had a few more dollars to throw at it I would certainly buy one because it is much more pleasurable to drive and the range would be fine for what I do. Often people are unaware of where the technology is at this point in time. In a discussion with someone recently they were adamant that batteries only last for 3 years which is strange given they are guaranteed for 8 years. As to whether EVs will become a fast-growing sector of the new car market we will soon be able to see in the stats. Certainly, the experience in many other countries would suggest growth in the EV market.
  5. The efficiency of an EV electric motor is between 85% and 90% the efficiency of an EV at the wheels is between 59% and 62% for a conventional IC engine around 17% to 21% of the energy in petrol reaches the wheels. Electric Car Myth Buster — Efficiency | CleanTechnica As a regular driver of a BMWI3 but alas I don't own it I am wondering how the "inefficiency" of the electric motor manifests itself.
  6. I disagree with this statement. The energy density and price of batteries has improved markedly since 1986 https://data.bloomberglp.com/bnef/sites/14/2017/07/BNEF-Lithium-ion-battery-costs-and-market.pdf
  7. Rivian R1T Flexes Its Muscle With Eye-Popping Towing Capacity @ Top Speed
  8. No argument there. It is already the case that vehicles are designed for certain uses. For my driving, I own a ford focus which also will not do the things you suggest. My son is actually quite a petrol head and owns 5 or 6 cars (the number seems to fluctuate wildly) He owns a couple of motorsport cars and also some kind of Landcruiser type vehicle which is used to tow a trailer to transport motorsports cars. With petrol in Wellington being well over $2 a litre it would be ridiculous to drive the 4wde to work every day. Many people own more than one car and generally these cars fit different usage patterns. By the way you can tow with a Tesla but I think at this stage it would not be the best choice due to reducing the range. Tesla Model X 2019 review: Long Range tow test Really it is about analysing what you need your car to do. My car is useless as a towing vehicle as are many other vehicles but they suit the purpose. Most cars are for the daily drive. I imagine a hybrid would be of more use to you at this stage.
  9. My son who lives in NZ owns a BMWI3 with range extender. On our last visit, he lent it to us for 2 weeks and we absolutely loved driving it. The price of petrol in NZ is much higher than here but he charges his EV overnight on off-peak for around $1 per 100km. I would suggest that the tech does allow it. A top of the line Tesla 3 has a range of over 500km but I guess at a price that is more than many people are willing to pay. I was impressed with the BMWI3 in terms of just how much better it is to drive than an IC engine. Hybrid Cessna 337 Hybrid-Electric Cessna 337 Takes Maiden Flight - Avionics
  10. Both aircraft on final at least skydive plane was not full. Both pilots killed after two light aircraft collide mid-air in Masterton ,
  11. Looks like one aircraft was a skydiving aircraft. Crash involving two light aircraft near Masterton
  12. Emergency services at scene of two-plane crash in Masterton
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