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  1. My sister just lost her house. You know nothing of her land management practices. Your suggestion that only poorly managed propeties burn is not only untrue but lacks empathy and deceny in my opinion.
  2. Yes, at this stage she is happy to be unhurt but I suppose she will turn her mibd ti what happens next.
  3. My sister lost her house at Quaama but at least wasnt hurt.
  4. Here is the afternoon sun plus Aussie smoke from Wellington NZ note this is not sunset. Apparently much worse on the south island. The last house I live and built (luckily sold it recently) was only just saved, the house before that 360km away is also threatened. My sister lives on a property near Quaama, the fire passed through this area and we cannot contact her. Phones are out my parents are frantic. Not a great start the year
  5. I am on holiday in NZ and today the smoke from Australia has reached here. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/406523/australia-fires-sending-pretty-hefty-smoke-new-zealand-s-way Also the house I built in 1990 and sold 2 years ago had a lucky escape. An ex neighbor sent me this footage KGn4MiLee2MTmHAZ.mp4
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_Inquiry
  7. CSIRO in my view at least should not be merely about inventing things. New inventions are usually built on some discovery which Joe public niavly thinks is useless but that yeilds some new device. Heinrich Hertz who discovered radio waves said that he could not envisage any possible practical application. Hindsight tells us quite a different story. WIFI famously a spin off from research into black holes. My friends that work at CSIRO tell me that funding has been substantially cut.
  8. All of these countries are also installing huge amounts of renewable are they not? If these countries are massively increasing coal power then what are you worried about you still get to do business as usual. China is the world's leading country in electricity production from renewable energy sources, with over double the generation of the second-ranking country, the United States. By the end of 2018, the country had a total capacity of 728 GW of renewable power, mainly from hydroelectric and wind power. China's renewable energy sector is growing faster than its fossil fuels and nuclear power capacity. India is one of the countries with the largest production of energy from renewable sources. As of 2019, 35% of India's installed electricity generation capacity is from renewable sources,[1] generating 17% of total electricity in the country.[2]
  9. Yes follow the big money exxon perhaps?
  10. turbo they did not say that stefan invented it. They refer to the Stefan Boltzmann constant. This is fairly basic physics and has many applications in physics.
  11. So to be clear you do not believe in the phenomena called the greenhouse effect? Again the video you are attacking is for the most part not about climate change, it is not even controversial. Perhaps you could put forward your alternate theory on why the earth is the temeperature it is. Your criticlsm of this video centres on one statement which alerts us to an inittial simplification of the model which is then addressed.
  12. The scientist in this video is Michael Merrifeild. When he uses the word cheating he refers to the simplification of the model for the purposes of calculation. He then goes on to say what happens when you insert those more complicated factors. The point of this video is not about climate change except briefly at the very end. This video explains the physics of the greenhaouse effect which is not controversial at all and has been understood since the 1800s
  13. and has been accused in the past and I believe there was an inquiry which I would be happy to find links to tomorrow. I guess my question would be that whenever there is a question over the quality of data you we need to look for corroboration from other sources. The measurement of increasing temperatures is not only suggested by our Bom but around the world from other meteorological organisations. Are they all making it up? are we talking grand conspiracy?
  14. Turbs here is an explanation of the question you posed. This is not presented by some radical idiot wanting to bring down capitalism and in fact this scientists is not on the hysterical alarmist end of the spectrum. It is worth watching even if only to sharpen your arguments and to enable you pose better questions. If you posed the above question in a genuine way and are really seeking information then this is a great place to start. If you think it is bollocks then look forward to your detailed scientific critique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUFOuoD3aHw
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