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  1. octave

    Airfields NSW South Coast

    Jaspers Brush?
  2. octave

    Thruster Photos

    I do remember the black pod, it looked great.
  3. Hi Octave,

    Yes I think I did teach you to fly.

    Somewhere I still have my school daily flying sheets stored, your name should be on it.

    Glad you are still flying and keeping well.

    Good to pass on what you have learned and experienced, if younger pilots listen to you, they will keep safe as well.

    Regards Andrew.

    1. octave


      Cheers Andrew, I do remember when I first started thinking I would just have a few lessons, I did not think I could ever get my certificate.  Here I am all these years later still flying. I can only say thanks! 




    2. Drew Ford

      Drew Ford

      Good one Octave, glad you are enjoying your flying.

      Just be careful when you visit different areas to fly, for example coming from flat outback flying to now entering hilly mountainous terrain is very different flying and fraught with danger at low altitude.

      I once flew too low over a ridge at the razorback just south west of Sydney (the Old Hume Highway back then before the M5) and the flow of air pushed me down untill the wheels struck the ground on top of the ridge, fortunately I was able to get  airborne, arriving at The Oaks, I found the left wheel spring bent so badly it was almost horizontal, I actually landed on the right wheel by crossing the controls ever so gently and then at a very low ground speed allowing the Thruster to lower itself on to the damaged wheel resulting in a gentle ground loop. 

      For practice when I was waiting for Students to turn up for their lesson, I used to take off on one wheel by lowering the windward wing and applying opposite rudder.

      Word of warning, make sure the holes that go through the springs are counter sunk (beveled both sides of the spring) then reassemble and torque the spring bolts to specifications. Checking to see that the springs are attached tightly, should be part of the daily and preflight check.

      Otherwise, if you have a heavy landing,  loose leafed springs act like sheers, and will easily snap the large high tensile spring bolts like bolt cutters, but if you bevel both sides of the spring holes with a larger drill size, then its like trying to cut a bolt with blunt shears.

      Best not to try anything new until you work out all the angles and run it past an experienced Flight Instructor.

      If there is anything you don't understand, DONT ATTEMPT IT!! 

      Badly executed manoeuvres which are otherwise safe, can lead to tears, injury, badly damaged aircraft, and death. 

      Dont be silly, enjoy your flying, after every flight be thankful that you arrived safely and with the aircraft intact.


  4. octave

    Thruster Photos

    He Drew, I think you taught me to fly in 1988. Still flying so you must have done a reasonable job. Cheers
  5. octave

    Thruster Ultralights

    Hi Drew, were you by any chance a CFI in the late eighties?
  6. octave

    Avoiding the Base-to-Final Stall/Spin

    Here is an interesting article https://www.flyer.co.uk/rectangle-or-oval-circuits-which-is-better/
  7. Is it declining? I haven't looked at participation figures but certainly the flying school I hire from seems to be booming. Yesterday a 15-Year-old girl did her first solo and there seem to be quite a few younger students starting out. One issue these days is that there are many competing hobbies compared to the past. I do find a lot of rec pilots to be overly pessimistic. I first started flying in 1988 but due to having a family I gave it away. In 2007 I did a TIF and decided to get back into it. On the day I did my TIF there was a club BBQ and I recall getting into a conversation with a group of older guys. These guys pretty much told me that sports aviation had been ruined and there was no point and various other whinges. Luckily I ignored them and continued and still fly regularly. I think it is a shame that most of the talk is negative and discouraging. Often when I flying I will run someone looking around the flying school. I always share my enthusiasm for flying, of course, I do tell them that there is annoying red tape and expense etc. but that in spite of that it is still a fantastic thing to do.
  8. In 2003 there were 670 registered BMX participants in 2017 there are 1251 http://www.bmxv.com.au/Portals/46/Users/068/24/324/BMX Victoria 2017 AGM Annual Report.pdf?ver=2017-05-28-234858-893
  9. octave

    RAAus to disclose member details

    If most votes are 4-3 then surely the answer DOES lie in electing 2 new board members each year. I don't recall much discussion of the candidates during the recent election. I am not particularly fussed by the disclosure of MY details BUT I do understand that some people are and I understand and respect that. I have little tolerance for merely restating a problem without proposing a rational solution. If I were to become concerned about this (and I could with anger free rational argument) my first step would be to confirm whether this disclosure was legal and constitutional, if not then what are the legal remedies? If it is legal and constitutional then perhaps it is still not the direction the members want to go. Then it is about presenting the case against to fellow members. If it is true that the usual board vote is 4-3 (I have no idea if this is correct) and if there is a good argument to be presented and if a mere 2 candidates stand on this issue then the answer does seem to be found at the ballot box. The way to get me on side is to present a rational fact-based well-researched argument and discussion of possible solutions. I do tend to switch off when problems are merely restated over and over again or it becomes an angry rant. Apart from legality and member sentiment has anyone who is concerned contacted RAAus and enquired about it? This surely would be the first logical step.
  10. octave

    Affirm? Or Roger...

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfQW0upkVus
  12. octave

    RAAus Pilots Licence

    I first joined AUF in 1988 and flew for 2 years and then quit. In 2007 I did a TIF just for fun but got hooked again so decided to get back into it. I was only required to show my log book. My hours still counted and I think I had to reach a standard where I could pass a flight test. It took me I think about 11 hours before I did my test. I did have to do all the written tests again.
  13. octave

    Small Flying Schools

    News: The ongoing danger of carburettor icing
  14. octave

    Small Flying Schools

    Keith the best way to "get us all awake" is to present evidence. I am more than happy to call visit email to turn up at RAAus meetings but I need more than rumours. If I confront a board member and put to them that they have a plan to reduce the number of flying schools because "apparently it is costing too much to do an audit on these small schools. So close them is the go. Crowd the South East Corner is the way to go" - it would be sensible for, me to be able to present some evidence. I am more than happy to contact RAAus on Monday to put this to them but I would need to be able to say "this is what you are doing and here is my evidence." Keith if you have been convinced of this plan by "hard evidence" perhaps like you I would be convinced by "hard evidence" I simply don't understand why this evidence cannot be shared, if not publically then perhaps privately.
  15. octave

    Small Flying Schools

    Keith do you have any evidence for this? It seems highly unlikely that RAAus would seek to reduce the number of flying schools and therefore the number of pilots (customers). If I understand what you are saying then these extraordinary claims need some hard evidence.