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  1. octave

    RAAus to disclose member details

    If most votes are 4-3 then surely the answer DOES lie in electing 2 new board members each year. I don't recall much discussion of the candidates during the recent election. I am not particularly fussed by the disclosure of MY details BUT I do understand that some people are and I understand and respect that. I have little tolerance for merely restating a problem without proposing a rational solution. If I were to become concerned about this (and I could with anger free rational argument) my first step would be to confirm whether this disclosure was legal and constitutional, if not then what are the legal remedies? If it is legal and constitutional then perhaps it is still not the direction the members want to go. Then it is about presenting the case against to fellow members. If it is true that the usual board vote is 4-3 (I have no idea if this is correct) and if there is a good argument to be presented and if a mere 2 candidates stand on this issue then the answer does seem to be found at the ballot box. The way to get me on side is to present a rational fact-based well-researched argument and discussion of possible solutions. I do tend to switch off when problems are merely restated over and over again or it becomes an angry rant. Apart from legality and member sentiment has anyone who is concerned contacted RAAus and enquired about it? This surely would be the first logical step.
  2. octave

    Affirm? Or Roger...

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfQW0upkVus
  4. octave

    RAAus Pilots Licence

    I first joined AUF in 1988 and flew for 2 years and then quit. In 2007 I did a TIF just for fun but got hooked again so decided to get back into it. I was only required to show my log book. My hours still counted and I think I had to reach a standard where I could pass a flight test. It took me I think about 11 hours before I did my test. I did have to do all the written tests again.
  5. octave

    Small Flying Schools

    News: The ongoing danger of carburettor icing
  6. octave

    Small Flying Schools

    Keith the best way to "get us all awake" is to present evidence. I am more than happy to call visit email to turn up at RAAus meetings but I need more than rumours. If I confront a board member and put to them that they have a plan to reduce the number of flying schools because "apparently it is costing too much to do an audit on these small schools. So close them is the go. Crowd the South East Corner is the way to go" - it would be sensible for, me to be able to present some evidence. I am more than happy to contact RAAus on Monday to put this to them but I would need to be able to say "this is what you are doing and here is my evidence." Keith if you have been convinced of this plan by "hard evidence" perhaps like you I would be convinced by "hard evidence" I simply don't understand why this evidence cannot be shared, if not publically then perhaps privately.
  7. octave

    Small Flying Schools

    Keith do you have any evidence for this? It seems highly unlikely that RAAus would seek to reduce the number of flying schools and therefore the number of pilots (customers). If I understand what you are saying then these extraordinary claims need some hard evidence.
  8. I don't mind it but it will be interesting to see what it looks like in flight. https://airshowinfo.hu/airshowfeed/2017/12/15/raaf-revelaed-new-painting-roulettes-demo-team/
  9. Fact checking is important! No, Photos of 'The Poppy Man' Sculpture are NOT Being Removed From Facebook - Hoax-Slayer
  10. I think the atmospheric pressure on Mars is actually 0.6% of the pressure on Earth.
  11. octave

    A Family Affair

    Reminds me of this video
  12. 5.6.3 Aircraft descending on the non-active side of the circuit should be established at circuit altitude by the time they cross the runway centreline on crosswind, somewhere between midfield and the departure end of the runway
  13. octave

    Hybrid Aircraft

    Axter Aerospace - El primer sistema híbrido del mundo para aviones