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  1. stevron

    Lower your MTOW

    Good on you , your an inspiration
  2. stevron

    Lakes Entrance Airstrip

    I have landed at YLKE the owner is very friendly and gave us a ride into town, it did not seem to much trouble . Give him a call as it is not far from town
  3. stevron

    Mungo October 18

    At 700 hours a lonely Brumby departed YMAY with clear skies and a light tail wind for YHAY with a ground speed of 110 kts it was not a fast trip but enjoyable. Arriving in Hay I met up with my only flying companion from the Holbrook flying Club, Andrew . We exchanged pleasantries and then departed for YLMU. Though only a short distance from Hay to Mungo Lodge we were there in no time, the flight was like glass with picturesque scenery. On arrival at Mungo, I did a lap over looking the sand dune, sand stone formations and dry lake bed, to my surprise , there was still no turbulence or adverse winds which allowed me to take some photos. We flew to Mungo Lodge for Coffee and stayed for lunch. It was then decided that this would do us for the day as Andrew had not been to Mungo before. The Lodge rented us a 4x4 For $30 to go to the visitor centre and around the local area to do some sight seeing. Later that afternoon the flying doctor arrived at the lodge air strip to pick up a sick or injured person who had been brought in by road ambulance. My goodness those turbo props on the air ambulance kick up an enormous amount of dust, we could hardly see the lodge buildings. We ended up enjoying the last part of a fantastic day sitting on the baloney of the lodge rehydrating. Later on we meet 2 ladys from Tocumwal air village who where enjoying some R&R. After a delightful 1st class meal and wine, we engaged the ladys in some light hearted banter about their flying experiences and then we parted company and retired for the evening. Next morning Andrew and I departed for Nhill ,(I bet we woke every one up) again the weather gods were with us, tail winds and smooth air all the way past Robinvale , Mildura, I was delighted with how green that area is from the air. As we approached Nhill the wind picked up , not so good, I did get some cross wind landing practice though. Andrew arranged for us to be picked up and use of a car for the day, after very late breakfast or early lunch I decided to leave Nhill and met up with some Bendigo Flying club members returning from Coober Pedy. Bendigo has a new and improved runway and taxi way system which is a delight to land on. I stayed the night in Bendigo and departed for Echuca the next morning, returning to Albury later that day. I enjoyed every minute of the trip, good flying thanks to the weather gods and the good company of Andrew from Holbrook flying club. I look forward to our next trip
  4. In my opinion Narromine this year was a great success , we arrived Thursday to find the site well organised. The air side people where friendly and helpful , air craft arriving constantly, we just sat and watch it all happen. Unfortunately i could not stop for the full weekend but what i was involved in was fantastic . Thanks to the organizers, Narromine ,SAAA and Aopa etc great a time was had including Good seminars, entertainment, food and fantastic conversation with fellow aviators The flight home was the anticlimax of the weekend. Well done Narromine.
  5. The tower Is closed Saturday before 9-00 and after 1600 hours
  6. Everyone is welcome to join the Albury Aero club in their annual display at the Albury Air port. 26th to the 28th of Oct ——sorry I could not change the dates on the above display , these are the correct dates
  7. stevron

    Visit Albury

    I will check next when at the hangar,, the plane sits in a hangar unused for 5 years Approx , it appears to need a lot of work.
  8. stevron

    Visit Albury

    Bunns have a number of planes on their property’s in various stage of operating condition. I have not been there for awhile so I do not know about a Cherokee , I know they have a soft spot for Cherokee 6
  9. stevron

    Visit Albury

    Remember you need to be a PPL or a RPL with the correct endorsements to fly in to Albury. But If you come you will enjoy wineries, snow , a beautiful river. And a magnificent high country. The Albury Aero club would make you welcome if open. Or at worst I will help
  10. stevron

    In flight adjustable propeller

    Thanks , I am not aware of the Prince P propeller
  11. stevron

    Fees to fly

    I did not include medicals as they vary so much PPL , RPL, GFA , RA Aus. Plus this side of flying is contentious as I do not know if it made flying safer as people fly with vary medicals from basic to more controlled.
  12. stevron

    Fees to fly

    Food for thought RAAus membership / authority to fly $245 Craft registration $155 Total $400 Gliding after primary costs GFA memberships $300 Club membership $250 Annual flight review $100 not biennial Tug fee between $20 to $50 per launch Total $650 I do not know the cost of reg GA After the primary costs Lic nil cost Reg Nil cost Plus government free funding support Through CASA Just saying , interesting though
  13. stevron


    could office bearers please post their flyin and Bbq etc in the calendar so New chums can plan to go to such events. Our club has had a change office bearers and they to do not know what to advise our members. You never know you might get a few more attendees
  14. as an office bearer of an Aeroclub i am having trouble notifying our members of events as not enough info listed or should I be looking somewhere else please help. Albury has a Bbq last Friday of the month at the club house 1800 on wards please feel welcome.
  15. stevron

    RA Aus and landing fees

    It’s been fun , I am finish with this how no more comments from me