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  1. Kyle, I fly a Jabiru j160 around Victoria and New south wales a lot during the summers. I would suggest fly early in the morning and above 5 thousand before the thermals take hold while the ground warms up.
  2. As an RC pilot in my younger days I find the control of the model quite impressive.. It Possibly only recently achievable with D.C speed control and light weight motor and batteries.
  3. I learned to fly at Tooradin with the two J170 regos are 5215 and 5228, under CFI Eugene Reid /Ian Loveridge. These have EFIS dash panel and were always J170s. The J160 damage and rebirthed as a J170 is a different aircraft, it happened in the time I was a student. The aircraft dash panel retained its steam gauges. I found the J170s to fly quite fine and no issues, last time I flown 5215 was around October last year.
  4. As my first post #20 mentions I have tried the D2 with ext and int antenna. I have run the D2 on trip longer than one hour with me requiring mulitiple power switch ON and OFF cycles to restore funtion. Then I turn it off completely to eliminate distractions and disappointment after about halfway. During flight most times it has lost GPS after only approx 10NM after departing airport airbourne. The GPS failure seems random and sometimes works up to 20-30 at at time, sometime a lot less, but random. I start the trip with a FULLY CHARGED, D2 running on its own battery for diagnostic purposes, to ensure no electrical noise is introduced to cloud the issue. It is too easy for the retailer or Dynon to blame the aircraft electrical system, making noise to interfere. The Garmin G5 is a mounted instrument, the Dynon D2 is portable, I have a Jabiru with 24 reg and too much hassle/cost to install perment version in a aircraft losing value and difficult to sell. I have checked with Jabiru and Ra-aus the only low cost EFIS install option for the J160C is the D10A ($3395 plus acc, plus install). The D2 issue is not new and be also seen with member BJK post #17 with his D2 and the open cockpit Starlet. I could handle loss of GPS but its the screen going BLACK with one line message is the issue. One day if Accidentally stuck in cloud the A.H is what you bought the unit for in the first place.
  5. Perhaps this problem is more normal than being reported. In March 2016 I purchased a Dynon,D2, fitted into a Jabiru J160, using external GPS antenna, running its own battery. As we all know the Jabiru is fiberglass and should look transparent to GPS signal when airborne. My iPad running Oz runways works without issue located on the pilot side. During flights even on fine weather days it would lose its GPS position, display the red cross, then after a minute show black screen. I tried moving the ext antenna, to the dash, up high, left side, right side, and using the internal antenna to no avail. Only option was to power off and restart the D2 to make it work again for a random period of time. Then I returned the unit to the agent in Melbourne and it was replaced. The second unit worked sort of better, still losing its position and random intervals. This has become worse requiring many restarts in a half hour flight. Now I will have to go through the process of returning this one. I ponder if these units were only designed for gliders, with no engine or electrical noise. Is it a defect in the D2 unit or some electrical noise the Jabiru makes that interferes with it. Apart from Roscoe, has any other Jabiru owners with D2 units experienced the same issue?
  6. I too as a Jabiru 160C owner had been watching this thread as the years of uncertainty now drift on with CASA's restrictions. As each month ticks but the resale value of my Jabiru diminishes quicker than other aircraft and there seems to be no clear end in site. There is a possible market opportunity for other engine manufactures including ROTAX to take the engine market share. I still watch this thread in the hope D-Motor would come out with a conversion package. A complete package would have to containing: 1. Actual all up costs worked out and fixed in AUD, depending on model of Jabiru 2. This would include D-Motor engine landed in Australia 3. Parts like modified cowls and hidden extras. 4. An approved workshop to handle the actual mechanical conversion. 5. Predefined modification approval of RA-AUS / CASA as a class of aircraft to keep "24-" rego, not one off orphan change overs. Unfortunately the Jabirus so far with engine (ROTAX) changes by various workshops have all different pricing and single orphan approval, the normal person can't work with that. For Jabiru owners like myself if we have the opportunity to take our aircraft to a workshop for a week or so and for a fixed price the conversion is done and we pay the money and can fly away it, I could weigh up the options and justify the investment. Like other Jabiru owners I will now sit back quietly and watch how the whole CASA & Jabiru unfolds in the coming years. Cheers Ron
  7. I have not seen it on this site so far. Can you describe this Woolworths pop up scam?
  8. Sounds good, I wish you the best with the training....
  9. Welcome aboard 409tonner - What aircraft are you learning to fly in ???
  10. I don't know this chap in photo, and I don't live near the Airfield, but I offer two other suggestions. 1. From the pictures he appears to be a plane spotter taking a pictures and making notes. 2. Has a similar plane and is looking at the motor mounts for possible same engine fitting. The pictures don't seem to show the person actually touching anything besides his own camera and note pad. If someone came along to fiddle I would expect them to be holding pliers or spanners. The person pictured may not be the culprit in the aircraft fiddling, and the real culprit is still at large.
  11. :plane:GPS or Ipad running a navigation app, to always know where you are. ANR headset is also nice to have...
  12. Has anyone noticed in the new (effective 14 Nov 2013) ERSA and VNC there is new CTAF frequency for four small airfields around Victoria Melbourne's North West of Melbourne??? Currently: YRSY (ROMSEY)CTAF 126.7 YPEF (PENFIELD)CTAF 126.7 YRID (RIDDLE) CTAF 126.7 YMEL (MELTON)CTAF 124.2 After 14 Nov 2013 the four airfield will be CTAF 121.6 Will be scary in the area for a few months after 14Nov 2013 with some pilots using old maps and CTAF.
  13. Hmmm J160, Russ must be the model with round fuel gauges and not the glass sight window. I have the round fuel gauges, and they never seem correct, I have made dip sticks, to measure the wing tanks to be sure. My J160 is flown with two large chaps (90 + 110kg), gets close to MTOW, so the fuel level needs to be accurate to keep under MTOW. Filling both tanks and two average people will put the J160 over the MTOW.
  14. Anybody have any new word to share, on the progress and flying examples of the D motor ???? Are there many flying in Australia ??
  15. Welcome aboard Puren, Have you decided on type of training, Rec certificate or Private GA license ??? Do you have your eye on a Aeroplane you are intrested in flying ???
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