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  1. Vorticity

    Part built Sonex anyone?

    Mine has wings done, tail, control surfaces and fuselage box section near done. I also have all the avionics and electrics in a box. Give me a PM if your interested as I am in the process of relocating and a half built project is proving a real pain :(
  2. Vorticity

    Tail Plane Removal

    Something to note is the twists in the wires. I know that mine was tuned by Wayne fisher in this way. At one stage I had to remove the tail so was carefully to note how many twists so as to return it to original.
  3. Vorticity

    Turtle Pac Little Buddy

    No need to import, they are made on the gold coast. http://www.turtlepac.com/
  4. Vorticity

    Paint or Polish?

    I tried this method, it was ok but showed up fingerprints and dust. http://eaavideo.org/video.aspx?v=25190150001 I think there maybe a clear coat from Stewart systems that could be used over the polished surface. To sum up; I'm painting my sonex.
  5. Vorticity

    QED Aircraft Parts and Hardware

    Backwoods carry a large range of scotchbrite pads etc. I'd call ahead though as they run out of certain types.
  6. When I think of organisations that I am (or have been a member of) one thing I have always liked is a good magazine. I would Almost go as far as to say it adds a bit of credibility compared with here one minute gone the next clubs/associations who can only be found online. The New Zealand Alpine Club goes as far as publishing a yearly journal of reports and stories. Maybe RAA isn't that kind of organisation anymore as opposed to the club based scene early on? I'm old, compared to tomo, just cracked 30! The EAA magazine is amazing and the best value you could ever find!
  7. Vorticity

    Stolp SA 500 Starduster

    I saw one take of at caboolture this afternoon, the guy looked like he was having a lot of fun!
  8. Vorticity

    electric Cessna 172

    http://www.sonexaircraft.com/research/e-flight/ the numbers don't seem very practical at this stage but you have to start somewhere.
  9. Vorticity

    Knee Docks for iPad now available!

    Does that mean you could use the non 3G iPad for ozrunwys if you had the Bluetooth gps reciever?
  10. Vorticity

    Fisher MK1 info

    I owned a fisher mk1 sport for a while. They are an amazing machine with many small improvements from the austflight. Mine had a 503 and performed very well one up and ok two up. I am told that with the 582 the are a rocket! I have flown the 503 and 582 austflight, great fun but the fisher is even better.
  11. EAA membership is a bargain and the magazine is fantastic.
  12. I know that I have had occasions where it cost me more to get a box moved from the ship to where I could pick it up than it had accross the pacific ocean! It is amazing how it all adds up.
  13. Vorticity

    Sonex vs Vans RV 7a

    I am building a sonex. The sonex and RV are very different aircraft suited to different roles and budgets. The sonex is much smaller than the RV with far less endurance/range. The sonex will be much cheaper to build. Performance depends on your choice of engine. You can choose from the VW (110kt cruise from talking with owners) up to the 3300 with owners claiming between 120-130kts IAS in cruise. The big thing to consider is that the sonex only has around 65L of fuel, so if you are burning 20-25L/hr with the 3300 it wont keep you up as long as the RV. If you want to fly long distance with a passenger and baggage than I might reconsider the sonex. My ideal flight is around 2 hrs, no baggage, occasional passenger and performance like a little fighter.
  14. Vorticity

    J2/400 floating in floods

    The floating jab J400 belongs to the Lockyer valley flying club secretary. It would seem that a total of four club members lost aircraft in the hanger at grantham. The owner of the field made a dramatic escape and is ok. Insurance may cover some but when you have put 5 yes into a scratch built plane it must be heartbreaking:( There are two other field just west of grantham so the tally of lost aircraft could be a lot higher. Let's hope the owners are high and dry to build again.
  15. Vorticity

    Started the Couger

    Have a look into a company called Stewart Systems. They have a range of non toxic surface peotection. The best bit is that because their system is non toxic you can have it sent to you while avoiding dangerous shipping charges.