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  1. Sweet video mate. Very inspirational. That Cub must have been a real blast to fly.
  2. G'day all, I'm in need of a tailwheel and two stroke endorsement. I recently purchased a J-3 Kitten and need the mentioned tickets in order to fly her. I'm thinking a two stoke drifter might be an economical way of getting these endorsements. I hail from the nsw south coast, with nowra being the closest town to me. Something local would be good but I'd be willing to travel, if need be, and bring the J-3 with me to fly following getting the tick in the box. Can anyone help? Cheers Luke
  3. Hi My brother in orange NSW can do it for you. He has a thruster. You can do low performance, 2 stroke, and tail wheel all the same time Let me know if interested. Daniel
    1. lukemolloy1


      Hi Daniel. Just curious on the hourly rate? Sounds good though. Smash everything at once is a lot easier. Cheers Luke
  4. G'day all, My name is Luke and have been flying with raaus for just under a year. I started out in GA back in Adelaide and stopped just prior to GFPT. 10 years has passed since then, and then last year I decided to go for a TIF in a jabiru at Jaspers Brush on the South Coast of NSW. I'm currently midway through my cross country endorsement and am about to purchase my first plane (J3 Kitten). From here I need to get some taildragger training and I should be good to go. I plan to chip away at a PPL and work toward a CPL. I'm an AME by trade working on Seahawks in the Navy and plan to get my L
  5. G'day, I'm currently in the middle of my cross country endorsement and into my first year of rec flying. I've found a plane to buy (J3 Kitten), now I need the appropriate endorsements considering its a taildragger and two stroke. I'll take delivery of the plane soon and am in no rush to fly it as I need to complete my cross country endorsement first. I'm now trying to figure out how to go about getting the other endorsements and where? I have been flying out of Jaspers Brush on the NSW south coast so obviously I want to try and stay as local as I can. If anyone has any ideas or knows where
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