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  1. Nearest is probably Bankstown- busier than I fancy. Camden less so but ideal would be Coffs Harbour, especially as my daughter lives there. Gets me the training but not the endorsement. That’s still mouldering in the pipeline. as usual, Australia lags behind NZ and the USA and why? . . . a four letter acronym.
  2. We’ve been waiting many years for CASA to give us access to a CTA endorsement. Very happy to be properly equipped and do the training and take the test. Just one barnacle here . . . slow CASA bureaucrats. The promise that the RPL and RPC are equivalents has never been delivered. I suspect malice against RPC by the old hands at CASA.
  3. I was in a meeting with CASA, AirServices and the RAAF a couple of years ago when they extended the CTA SW of Williamtown. Initially a TRA, it has since been locked in. At the time everyone agreed that the YWMN airspace was an accident of time and it was declared it would be redesigned from first principles. That could have been 3 years ago but so far no real change. Like most military airspace’s, I suspect the restrictions are bigger and lower than they need to be and kept closed longer than they need to be. Luxury for the military, poverty for taxpayers. The authorities said that a Victor
  4. Looks like they’ve come down in the Southern part of the Ultralight Lane that wraps around the back of Williamtown RAAF base/ Newcastle Airport. Aircraft other than ultralights also use the lane to get between the Hunter Valley and Taree. the Lane is an awful piece of airspace with the controlled airspace at just 1,600 ft AMSL. It runs through a shallow, narrow valley. on hot and windy days it can be a handful.
  5. Thanks Rhys, that is an area I think needs a hard look. If I ever had a qualm about the whole thing it was that the Board may have just a bit too much latitude. If there is no good reason for the Board to have the absolute say about something then it probably should be written down in the Constitution. Don
  6. Ian, you are of course completely correct on both facts. I am not representing anyone else and nobody needs my or anyone else's approval to draft and present a motion for a Special Resolution to a General Meeting. All I was saying was that if there is something somebody wanted changed but could use some assistance in getting the change done then I was happy to assist. However, if the motion would be something I would have to vote against, it would be hypocritical for me to assist somebody to draft such a motion. For example, I could never assist somebody to draft a motion to take RAAus back t
  7. Dear Mr Bull, Your statement is both off-topic here and factually incorrect. Wer were discussing the Constitution not the Tech Manual in this thread and, if I recall correctly, I have written a great number of words on the subject that is off topic and won't be repeating any here. If you have any serious changes you would like to see in the Constitution of RAAus, feel free to express them here or elsewhere. Don
  8. I think I need to communicate better what it is I was trying to do. As an ordinary member of RAAus, I have set out to review the current Constitution to see if it can be improved. Simple as that. I use the word "review" precisely as I have viewed the document many times, in many stages of development, previously. This time, I am looking back on it having had the benefit of the experience of an election and an AGM and a Board Meeting. Now I am operating from the standpoint of a non-board member, with no axe to grind other than to get it as good as it can be. I had hoped that anyone here wh
  9. I don't know why you wasted the electrons communicating something as meaningless and unhelpful as that.
  10. Well, I guess we can wrap this thread up and I can go back to my detailed review. Thanks Col for your helpful suggestion - I will keep it in mind as I complete my review. Considering all the discontent about the current constitution, not one single suggestion for a specific amendment! Just 20 posts in total and most of those off topic. It certainly says to me that the discontent has no substance and any disparaging comments from here on have no credibility. Don
  11. Good luck with that. Would you call that a "level playing field"?
  12. No to what? Do you mean "No there will be no medical because no one can see what is around a corner"? As your favourite Queenslander says "Please explain?" Don
  13. That's because you have never been diagnosed with diabetes, ischemic heart disease, stroke, or other serious conditions that would prevent you from being able to declare to the RMS that you are fit to drive a car in NSW. If you did have one of the qualifying conditions then you would be required to get a medical clearance to drive your car. The RAAus health standard is the same as for holding a car drivers licence in in NSW. No medical required as long as you don't have one of the listed conditions. Nobody does it voluntarily. Before I had a condition that was on the list I still got a
  14. Why would it leave anyone "looking for answers"? Are you seriously proposing that the E&LAAA will have no requirement for a health standard? I agree with every word of docjell's post but neither he nor I write the laws, pass them through the parliament nor give royal assent nor make the Regulations under the Act. The fact is that there is a laid down medical standard that requires RAAus pilots to self-declare their fitness to fly and, if they have certain conditions, have them assessed (and treated) by a medical practitioner. And while Doctors cannot predict certain outcomes, runn
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