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  1. Hi AzharFly Aeropup Mk4 are yes being built in Gympie, Currently there is no Supapups being sold or built as this aircraft is not supported by Aeropup. I am a distributor for Aeropup in Australia and can help you if have any questions. Easiest thing to do is shoot me an email with your name/phone number/email etc .. to westernaerosolutions **at** iinet.net.au Or a message through Facebook through my Western Aero Solutions business page. Best regards Ben Jones Western Aero Solutions. Aeropup sales, Aeropup parts, Fallshaw wheel, and Glance EFIS agent.
  2. Nice to see another Aeropup being worked on ! Can you sign up for the new Aeropup builder forum at http://aeropup-builder.com/forum Its only new but getting bigger. And you have obviously found my Youtube channel already ? Ben
  3. I'll be there at Busselton also, Borrowing a C150A for the day Some other mates are flying down also i dont know numbers yet. Ben
  4. I was lucky i had enough nav time in other aircraft to missout on having to do the nav component ..... lucky
  5. Yeah i hit my hours hard over 2 weekends and got certified after 5.2 hours, i was lucky with GA and Gliding hours otherwise it would have been a long and expensive trip. Keep going guy's it will be worth it, i can tell you, Getting the CASA monkey off my back makes things so much easier. Ben
  6. Guy's When my friends little chezzna is on the RA-Aus reg i'll have to fly down and say hello and get a 300 dollar hamburger and coffee one weekend . :thumb_up: Ben West Oz
  7. Hello all, Just a quick note about myself, GA-GFPT, Gliding and now waiting for my RA-AUS Pilots Certificate to arrive in the mail, about 350 hrs TT I'm also building a Corby starlet which might endup in the Rec Register. regards Ben
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