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  1. My books avail :) the a Diary of a Jack Flyer. http://flyerme.simpl.com/index.html
  2. My videos aren't nicely produced like Ignition's (nice job by the way:), just raw footage bumped together. For those who couldn't make it here is a glimpse of what we saw over the weekend. Apologies for all the wind noise - pretty annoying especially when you really just want to listen to that Spitfire ;) Be warned the videos are quite long as I didn't cut them back. Cheers H If you want to wade through long videos theres one of aircraft there & the last bit the Tandem aerobatics of the Pitts:
  3. Some more pictures H
  4. I went and had a good time, met up with Ross Millard and his wife, made some new friends & enjoyed the air shows. The Spitfire just sounds great & looks beautiful. Matt Hall was sensational on the Saturday, as was his forum. Yes numbers were down, a LOT less underwing campers and number of campers in general. As others have mentioned there were quite a few people with young families, that was great to see. Regular big name distributers were there but not much else to rummage through and spend dollars on. Not even a pilot shop. I would hate to see the event disappear so I'll still
  5. She got the tie downs on you already H
  6. Hey MM I'll be there again. Driving up and will have space for gear if you need Cheers H
  7. Hey that's a bit rough Djp, that was some other bloke above you, I drain down to another fellow below me he adds to it and sends on to the bloke below him then it drains down through the forest. My complaint is the money to the council has never gone to any effort by them to actually manage the drainage H
  8. We're on tank water too and don't pay anything for water/sewage/rubbish in the rates... yet... Give some greedy Councillor a little time & they will be onto it >:(
  9. Well we pay around $140 P/A to the greedy Yarra Valley and we are on 0ur own Tank Water....mind $75 is for Parks but they claim the rest is for drainage, mmmmm, there isn't anything in place for drainage. H
  10. Great pics Neil. Wish I could have made it but family came first, hopefully next year. H
  11. OOoooooo.... sounds good, think I'll try & make that! Been trying to get to a Tyabb Airshow for a while. Guess another boring video coming up, Ha, Ha :) Hey Vev, you flying your beautiful aircraft in the show? Cheers H
  12. Wat to go AJ - onwards & upwards :) H
  13. I like a landline as a further backup in bad weather fires etc - living in the hills mobile reception is bad any way so I'll stick to all forms :) H
  14. The replies made me laugh even more ... Thanks everyone for that humour :)
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