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  1. Thank you everyone I really appreciate your comments. I have decided to make a new tank from heavier guage material containing 50 ltrs not 55 (plenty for my purposes) to compensate for the additional weight in construction. The tank will be more robust and with better welding I will feel a lot better, also the cost to me will be less than $200. Just the fact of discussing this on the forum has given me the chance to look at the problem objectivley and think about it has helped me greatly. Thanks everyone.
  2. Has anyone had any experience using fuel tank sealants. I want a product that can be poured into an alumium tank, 'sloshed' around the welds then tipped out and when dried or cured and will have sealed any pin holes within the seams or welds. There appears to be a few 2 pack products that claim to do the job but most are only available in the US and can't or won't be shipped. I have been offered Red-Kote in Brisbane, I'm told this is a single pack product that air dries and is very good for rusted steel tanks ie. vintage motorcycles etc. However Im not sure of its effectiveness on alumini
  3. Hi Wayne My intention is to sell everything aircraft, trailer radio and include any spares that will help the sale. To to sweeten the deal I will drop the price to 5.5k. However I'm in Perth at the moment and about to embark on an overseas holiday returning on 13 may. Most of the response has been from scammers so I have removed it from the site. Any spares left over I will keep you informed of. Keith
  4. Hi Wayne Glad to hear you are progressing well with your kestrel, I'm sure you will be very pleased with the end result, they are a very tough and under rated aircraft. I am surprised to hear that your tailplane is not of the folding type, without this facility it may not fit in a road legal trailer should you feel the need to take it home or away on a road trip. I still have mine for sale as the photos did not do it justice so decided to refurbish the trailer and put it on ebay in mid May after my holidays. As I mentioned before I have some spares that may be useful if a new owne
  5. Hi flyerme If you know of anyone that is serious about buying a "jack flyer" type aircraft would really appreciate being put in contact. My Kestrel is on the R A A website for $6,500 for aircraft and trailer, both legal and regisered. It must be my marketing (or lack of it) 'cause after 7 weeks I have yet to have anyone veiw it. Regards Keith
  6. Thanks for the update, I'm pleased to hear your Kestrel is going to be servicable and registered again. I recently spoke to the guys at Wingtech regarding replacement skins for another aircraft. As you would know the kestrel uses the same 'rib in pocket' design as thruster and drifter wings. Wingtech are very familiar with making skins for these aircraft as well as hang glider wings so it may be worth a phone call to them. I have a few spares that I will offer to anyone that buys my kestral however if they don't want them you are welcome.
  7. Hi Steve I am one of the Kestrel owners from YCAB and would like to make contact with you. We have met before (Aeropup construction and a couple of times since) my mob is 0427687001. Regards keith
  8. Hi Bill Check out the RAA members market, there are some very cheap aircraft for sale at the moment including my Kestrel and trailer for 6 1/2 K. The Kestrel and Thruster are very similar aircraft in design, construction and flying characteristics. Mine can be flown with the doors on or off to suit conditions and has the big advantage of the transport/storage trailer. I have been contacted by mainly scammers so I suggest you phone as the aircraft is only down the road at Caboolture.
  9. Hi Wayne, I am another of those kestrel owners that Howard mentioned in Brisbane. Hope you have a good holiday on the Dawn. I have had my Kestrel since 2001 and the best place to keep your aircraft when not flying it is in its purpose built trailer. It protects the a/c from dust, UV, hanger rash, corrosion (no moisture if its lined), hanger fees etc. You can take it home or away on holiday, not perhaps with P&O, but great for a camping weekend without worrying about getthereitis. The costs of flying (or not) is akin to boating, keep your boat in a marina or storage and the next fishi
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