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  1. We put wheat into coom, or was it cwm bags on the border of wales and England in the fifties. My party trick was to pick one up onto my back and walk away with it. Normally it was a two man job to handle them. They weighed 2.25 cwt or 114kg today. I weighed about ten stone then 63 kg. Because the bags were tall I could stand one up, stick my knees into the middle of it, lean back and roll it over my knees onto my shoulder. Now at 93 I m flat out lifting a 25kg fertiliser bag onto my shoulder. I must admit it only ever did that party trick on very rare occasions.
  2. A bit hard for a pilot to work out which he prefers. I look forward to the take off as I line up and then I look forward to the landing at the end of the flight. As I am getting a bit long in the tooth I suppose the last landing will be happening in the not too far distant future, so take offs are the way to go. They won't have the finality of that last landing. I think most of us tend to treat landings as more important, but really every take off is a lot more dangerous than the landings. I have been lucky with only a couple of "interesting " take offs and have made several landings interesting especially the one where the brakes locked on.
  3. As it started when you did repair work it would most likely be due to that work. You need to look at the air flow around all the engine especially for a higher flow around 5 and 6, or maybe a tightening of the flow through the finned areas. If you have EGT you could do a check to see if there is any correlation between the cylinders. To me it seems unusual for the furthest cylinders from the intake are the coolest, unless you are in pusher configuration.
  4. While this accident was not a fault of the helicopter, I tend to agree with the anti chopper sentiment. A few years ago there was a spate of accidents including a couple of rescue choppers. Those could mainly be put down to cowboy operators. Now if you get the CASA advisories concerning airworthiness and things to check, you will see that probably more than 50% are helicopter rated.
  5. I did some night flying years ago and never once used landing lights. I was trained to use the runway lights and found them OK. That was just what I was taught and could well be wrong.
  6. Yenn


    Nitrogen and CO2 both cost money, compressed air is not absolutely free, but as near as. The shock horror was because air is always compressed in internal combustion engines and people see a link there. The danger from using compressed air to move fuel from a tank is minimal, unless there is an ignition source in the tank. I would guess that there must have been an accidental fuel explosion at some time, but I have never heard of one. Maybe someone can enlighten us with evidence. It takes very little pressure to move fuel, as proved by using a syphon.
  7. Is this really a stupid man money grabbing or is the aim to close the airport and make even more money?
  8. We seem to be advising plots what to do when they get into strife, instead of advising them how to keep out of strife. All this talk of using the Dynon or G3X to fly an approach is not going to help someone who has never done it before. It takes practice to become competent at that sort of thing.
  9. What do Cessna specify. I thought they approved W100 plus.
  10. I would fancy an RV10 for that kind of tripping around.
  11. There are situations where RAAus pilots could activate PAL lighting. Going into the setting sun you can find the aerodrome easier if you activate the lights. It is also a check to see if your radio is transmitting. You will see the lights come on and even if you can't you will get a message saying "location, lights on"
  12. The PAL may be activated but there is no guarantee that the pilot can use it. Flying into a lit runway with nothing else visible is not something you can do easily. Go and try it with the correct plane and gear and an instructor if you want to see how easy it is.
  13. Yenn


  14. looks inviting, just hope nobody tries to land there before it is safe,
  15. I have overnighted rather than arrive within 15 mins of last light. You never know what could be on the strip when you arrive. I once found a parawing de rigging right on the centre of the strip and have several times had to drive cattle off the strip.
  16. I don't think any of us can claim that we were not trained to avoid these problems. To have not been trained you would have had to have been hiding under a stone and completely disregarded all the written material we all see. Usually this forum is complaining about too much control coming from RAAus.
  17. If that is a fair dinkum copy of the Jab info, there is something wrong. It reads 2008C, so I assume the 8 is instead of a degree sign. If they are that sloppy can you trust their writing. What could be the cause of the EGTs falling after break in? EGT is influenced by mixture and the speed of combustion from initiation.
  18. From memory they cost about $8.50 each from SAAA. Find someone in SAAA to get one for you. I will have to get one in a couple of months, when I do my annual, I could get an extra one for you. I don't mind ordering early.
  19. Where is the epoxy in a ferro boat. A mate of mine built one in the seventies and there was no epoxy, except maybe later in the paint system. I was on it one day just after launching and it wasn't fitted out. I bashed one of the bulkheads with a piece of timber and it rang like a bell. last I heard it was cruising in PNG. Multiple layers of chicken mesh on some reinforcing rod to keep the shape and then plastered from the inside and the outside. Not a job I wanted to do, so I built a wooden yacht.
  20. You can use a GA BFR for RAAus reg. aircraft. That is what I do, plus you can do training in some things in GA and it counts as a BFR for both GA and RAAus.
  21. To add to the problems Boeing are refusing to allow any non company pilots to use their simulator. I think they are afraid that they would cop more flack if the pilots could see what the position really is. I certainly don't appreciate the thought of flying in an airliner with the same sort of reliability as a Windows computer. Boeing seem to think all they need is is to upgrade a computer chip. Much the same approach as Qld government to computer programs. IE go for the cheapest solution and hope it works.
  22. I used a trial of OZ Runways, but decided to stick with Avplan, but I had no problems making a flight plan. The instructions were clear and worked for me. From memory it was similar to Avplan, which has a "new flightplan" button, then just pick a start point, a finish point and you can put points between.
  23. How would you know if it is correct. The way it is worded is nonsensencicle. Is that a time slot or does it relate to something else. RAAus aircraft are not GA but they are recreational and not commercial.
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