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    Thruster Ultralights

    Are there many Thrusters still flying? Do you 3 point them or wheel them on?
  2. My reason for feeling safer in a Boeing is based on some of the earlier Airbus failures of automated gear, which resulted in crashes and is probably unfounded in fact. But I do like to have my own likes and dislikes. I didn't say they were less safe. The Lion Air crash was in part caused by Boeing not making the possible problem known to all, but the fact that previous crews had overcome the problem in that same plane, shows that crew abilities were not good enough. I have for years been vocal about flight crew abilities. we have seen crashes where the crew did not know what they were doing. The Air France crash into the ocean being one that springs to mind. Compare that with Richard de Crespignys handling of the failed engine. Do you think a Lion Air crew would have had the same outcome, or even a Thai or Indian airline crew?
  3. we really cannot complain about how a board acts. The whole system in Australia is stuffed up with company directors disregarding their legal obligations, because they know there in just about zero chance of them being held accountable. Just look at the NAB and AMP. NAB has for years produced high profits and that was done in part by illegal activity. Ken Henry stated that the directors could not tell if they were acting legally, or illegally. AMP directors have for years plundered the company to provide fat pickings for themselves with no regard to customers or shareholders. Why should we expect any difference form RAAus. It would be nice to have a good look at the financial statement, rather than the one they present.
  4. Yenn

    Corby Starlet Wanted

    The design was altered to allow the bulkhead behind the seat to be moved back 2" so some of the older builds could be shorter in the seating area. Mine is to the original design. Otherwise there is not much that could be changed during building, without a lot of complication.
  5. Yenn

    Bloody PTV.

    I wish we had public transport, so that we could whinge about it. No buses, no trains. We used to have a railway station, but now the only thing that stops there is the cars at the crossing.
  6. Yenn

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    I used Mogas in my Jab 2200 engine. It came from a busy caltex station, but i think the quality was dodgy as I had detonation. After fixing the piston and rings I went back to Avgas and no further problems. I also used Mogas in the RV, but only for cruise where i could monitor what was happening. I got leaks around the rivets in the top of the tank. No leaks below the fuel level. I had to fix the leaking rivets using one of the thread locking chemicals. No further problems, but i won't try mogas again.
  7. Yenn

    Jabiru LSA vs 160

    Airtourer and about 40 degrees at Whyalla. It was good that the country was flat. Later there was a notice to the effect that they should not be flown in above a certain temperature I seem to remember. A few years ago I flew a C150 in about 32 degree heat out of rocky. Did a PFL as part of my flight review and I nearly landed it when the instructor said go round. I was below the tree tops and could have landed easily and left him there and walked away. I doubt he would have got it off the ground from a standstill. We only just cleared the fence.
  8. I feel safer in a Boeing, but the A380 is the nicest airliner I have travelled in. Quieter than anything else and comfortable. Maybe the airlines will have to lower prices to get those they already own filled. Going to England by A380 from Dhubai was luxury compared with the Brisbane to Dhubai leg of the journey. Not that I want to go through Dhubai again, it is not my cup of tea. I much prefer Singapore, but Qantas timing through Singapore is not good.
  9. Yenn

    You're never too old!!

    My old CFI Aub Cote was well into his 90s when he died. He was still doing first flights of homebuilt planes right up to the end. Another oldie at Emu Park has been flying for over 70 years. Lost half a leg a few years ago and flies with a wooden leg. He can walk faster than I can. Flies a tri pacer or something similar. I just hope I can do as well.
  10. Yenn


    It doesn't affect me but I see that the information about Brisbane West Wellcamp is on the CASA website. For those who don't know Wellcamp is a commercial airport being built West of Toowoomba and South of Oakey. CASA is studying the situation at the momennt, but I can see a large number of ALA's could be badly affected and more restrictions place on West of Brisbane flying areas.
  11. I doubt that it will return to what it was. Too much moaning and point scoring going on now. Good that a few show signs of sensibility.
  12. Yenn


    Welcome. When I last flew a C182 there were no retractables or turbos. Now I burn a bit less fuel with an RV4.
  13. Yenn

    Corby Starlet Wanted

    The Corby is 24" at shoulder height outside the longerons. I am 70kg and about 5"10" and fit comfortably. Not too far from Redcliffe, and I've taken the RV there for transponder inspection. Funny to see airliners going overhead at about 2000' at the aerodrome.
  14. Yenn

    Cheap endoscope

    There have been many write ups of cameras for checking inside cylinders. I have seen plenty of photos taken with them and they can save a lot of time and money, especially if used in conjunction with a compression or leak down test. If you had one and used it at every engine check it could possibly show up problems with valves, before they can be picked up by a leak down test. I can't remember offhand where i have seen write ups, but Mike Busche and Vans forums would be a place to start.
  15. Yenn

    How am I still flying?

    Bummer. I only got 34 flights in the last year on the Corby. I have emailed CASA for a response. they say they will respond in due course. That is what they said a month ago and they seem to have gone off course. Of course.
  16. Yenn

    Corby Starlet Wanted

    I have a Corby with 2.2 Jab, which I tried to sell a few years ago. Now I have an RV4 as well and was considering selling the RV, but could let the Corby go. Facthunter has a good point, there are very few people with taildragger experience, plus a build that allows them to get comfortable in the Corby. They fly very much like an RV taildragger, but without the flaps. Where are you? My phone is 0749750209
  17. Yenn


    I think you will find that the 1 in 60 rule is nowhere near accurate enough. Using KGWilsons method I calculate the actual angle would be 18.43 degrees. Worked out trigonometricly. 400mm along horizontally and divide by 1200 vert. distance is 0.333. Arctan of .333 is 18.4349.
  18. Yenn

    How am I still flying?

    I can't fly my RV. CASA has had my RAMPC medical certificate from the doctor for 26 days and after two phone calls from me, when they told me it was being allotted to someone at day 15 and they would try to expedite it on day 23, still no approval. All OK though I can still fly the Corby, having just paid $254 for membership. Maybe it is time to say it is all just too much trouble. That would make CASA happy.
  19. Yenn

    What`s Happening???

    Farri must get the medal for promoting the fun of flying.
  20. Yenn

    Going bare

    I thort I had a pretty good speil.
  21. The alternate organisation seems to be still trying, but I have heard CASA say that it will not happen, even while they are saying it can happen. I wouldn't trust CASA to do anything to makr life easy for anyone, nor would I trust anything they say. I have been backing the alternate organisation, but I have just about given up hope of anything happening.
  22. Yenn

    Going bare

    I found years ago that by making a notice with an obvious mistake in it, such as spelling it was seen and acted upon.
  23. special greases for aviation are due I think to the fact that the wheels have to withstand temperatures from way below zero at altitude, up to several hundred degrees on a fast landing. For our low slow planes I really cannot see any problem with high temp bearing grease, but I am no expert.
  24. I have used a Tinytach for many years in my Corby. It works well. There are a lot of tachos made to connect to the P lead of a Conty or Lyco engine. I am using an MGL Flight 2 in the RV, this has a tacho as part of the whole instrument, but you can buy just a tacho for lower cost. The tiny tach just has a wrap of the input wire around an ignition wire and irt will not work with the shieleded wires on Lycomings. having said that I have just changed the harness to an unshielded wire but havn't tried a tinytach on it.
  25. From the visible tracks in the sand he landed on the hard sand and ran into the soft stuff at the end of his roll. Beaches can be excellent to land on if you keep below the high tide mark. Round here they are good on the seaward side of the islands, but not good on the landward side. If you are going with any speed and land in soft sand, you are at risk of a nose over. I think Jeffreys Bay is just South of Cape Town and would be open to the Atlantic, so probably good hard sand, where it is damp.