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  1. Well, just to bump this old thread, I have just returned from a road trip to Loei where the above plane is situated. I hadn't been there for about eight years. The public park turned out to be a bit of a war memorial and strangely (for Thailand) there was a bit of activity going on in regards to maintenance. Here are some pics from just the other day. Also, for those interested, they also had another war plane in the park, I believe that it may be a Trojan.
  2. Love the shot of all the old cars (in brand new condition) they'd be worth a small fortune nowadays.
  3. Thanks Student Pilot. I think that the Wren is no longer manufactured. But in any case, I am interested in the Kenai (and the Katmai) which are still being modified from N, P and Q model Cessna 182's by Peterson Performance Plus.
  4. Thanks bexrbetter, I do remember seeing that when I visited Loei about seven years ago. Loei is about 500 kms from me. The Wren was manufactured by another company. The Wren is what Todd Peterson used to design his canard wing for his Katmai and Kenai models. and thanks onetrack, good to know that there are a couple in Oz already, I'm assuming that would make the paperwork easier if another one were to be brought from the US of A.
  5. Tell me more. I haven't heard about it. How did you find out about it?
  6. I am interested in the short field capabilities and very low stall performance of these aircraft. Does anyone know if any of these aircraft have made it to Oz? http://www.katmai-kenai.com/
  7. Yes .... hence my tongue in cheek comment.
  8. Hmm, seems like you're a dangerous person to correspond with. Everyone you write to ends up dying.
  9. Why don't you just add a link to the CaMit website? http://camitaeroengines.net/
  10. My account was never deactivated. I just simply logged on again and because I hadn't posted in quite a while I thought I probably should say 'Hi' again.
  11. Hi Niel, Welcome to the forum from a fellow 'newbie'. Are you sure of those performance figures? According to the glasair website cruise at 75% power is 132 knots, but even at 65% power (122 knots) it is using 8.5 U.S. gallons per hour (about 32 litres).
  12. G'day, I was a member here many years ago, as with everyone circumstances change and I had to put my interest in planes and flying on the backburner for a while. Previously I was located in Strathfieldsaye (just out of Bendigo) but for the last three years I have been living in Thailand. This would be a great place to fly if the airways were a little bit more available to the public. I'm hoping to return to Aust. soon and resume my flying activities. I've just found my first post when I joined the first time (from Aug 30, 2006) http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/gday-f
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