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  1. In reply to Bexrbetter's comments above. Thank you for your concern but I don't think you are entitled to assume that every Western company having a business relationship with the Chinese is going to end in tragedy. That's simply a prejudiced and biased attitude. There are two key reasons for thinking that this arrangement will be a success. The first is that this agreement did not arise out of thin air. Brumby staff have been involved with the AVIC people for almost two years now. Many lengthy trips to China were undertaken by Brumby staff and many trips to Australia were undertaken by
  2. Sydney, July 31st, 2014 Light Sport Aircraft manufacturer, Brumby Aircraft Australia based in the Central West town of Cowra in N.S.W., signed a joint venture agreement with the giant Chinese civilian and military aircraft manufacturer AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) for the purpose of manufacturing and sale of Brumby designed aircraft in China. AVIC are a little know entity outside China however, with annual revenue in excess of AU$27 billion, they are ranked number 330 on the international Fortune 500 companies index. AVIC also manufactures components for such well-kn
  3. May be a bit late with my input here but the Brumby is a really strongly built aircraft. Can I suggest you check out this YouTube video as it goes into how the Brumby's are built:-
  4. Motif

    brumby facts

    Hi Jeff, I didn't mention this in my earlier post but I've been flying since '85 and have lost the "spark" so as a result I have probably the best equipped LSA in Australia for sale (although it's not yet advertised extensively). Anyway, it's the Brumby 600 low wing; it's a 2010 model with a Rotax 914 turbo engine which gives sea level performance right up to 15,000 feet (and that makes a big difference if you want to cruise in the higher altitudes up to 10,000 feet). It also comes equipped with a GRS ballistic parachute, an auto pilot, a top-of-the-line Dynon SkyView EFIS and a whole bu
  5. Motif

    brumby facts

    Hi Jeff, As a first aircraft I think the Brumby 610 high wing is probably your best shot. The main reasons are that it's an unbelievably easy aircraft to fly, it is exceptionally docile in flight and its stall characteristics are really a non event - in other words the aircraft more mushes rather than traditionally stalls. Check out the stall video on the Brumby YouTube channel and you are working hard to see the actual stall itself (actually themselves, there are 3 of them). The first time I flew the high wing I managed a really nice landing from the right hand seat. So if I can slicker in
  6. Yes Phil Goard of PG Aviation (Brumby Aircraft) has designed the firewall forward kit for the Jab. It lets you use either the Rotax or the Lycoming power plants up front. In talking to Phil the other day he has been quite surprised by the amount of interest shown by Jabiru owners. Ross
  7. Planedriver, I agree, and I think that the Rotex guys have gone a large part of the way to solving a hard problem. And you are right about that niggling thought in the back of you head - is this going to be the day. A doctor friend of mind with a Jabiru who has had an engine failure now wears a parachute. My first Brumby had a Jab 3300 engine and I loved the sound and the performance of that engine, but my wife was learning to fly and so I spend the money and had the Brumby guys change to engine to a Rotax 912s. I slept more comfortably then. Please don't think I am dumping on Hyundai. I lo
  8. Col, I agree that in an ideal world it would be great to be able to do an objective comparison between the Jab and Rotax engine, however in the real world, we can only use what we have got. And in this case, the most objective tool I had was the incident reports in the RAAus magazine. The other alternative was to accept at face value, the massive amount of negative comments from the "general" recreational aviation users and buyers. Let me give you a quick run down on my introduction to Jabiru engines. Coming from G.A. and ignorant about all things recreational (aircraft I mean) I thought
  9. Col, In response to your post, you will note that I said that in essence, the only way I could reasonably get a handle on whether the critics of Jab engines had a point or not, was to go back through the RAAus magazines. It may be that had my sample size been larger it could have shown a smaller number of Jabiru engine incidents or maybe a larger number. The only people with a really accurate 'feel' would be Jabiru themselves. I don't want to go all pedantic here, but engines like to be used. I would much prefer to buy a county car with more kilometres from long drives, than a city car t
  10. Thanks djpacro, It looks like you are technically right. It's a bit grim though if you install a vertical card compass 'cause it's easier to see than your alcohol compass and you have to go back to the factory for an OK. It was probably easier for CASA to put a blanket prohibition on any mod rather than specify what constitutes a minor, non-critical and therefore non-reportable mod. I suspect the rule book goes out the window thousands of times a year as new radios, strobes, landing light globes and transponders are installed in LSA's.
  11. When I started this thread, I had no idea it would touch such a raw nerve. With over 4,400 views and rising and 6 pages of comments, the debate has been both wide ranging and vigorous. My original post consisted of essentially 2 issues and I would like to expand on those issues here. The first is that P.G. Aviation in Cowra, NSW has developed a firewall forward kit to suit most Jabiru aircraft and targeted at those owners who are concerned about the inherent reliability of the Jabiru designed and built engines. The second and apparently quite controversial point was that this conversi
  12. Fatman, Under ASTM specifications (i.e. the standard under which LSA aircraft are certified) engine and propeller manufacturers need to also attest that their product was certified under ASTM specifications to the original aircraft manufacturer. In respect to the topic at hand i.e. engine mods to Jabiru airframes, if Jabiru themselves were to certify that the firewall forward kit supplied by P.G. Aviation together with the Rotax / Lycoming engine was acceptable to them, then the registration could stay in 24. In this case however, it's hard to imagine Jabiru agreeing to these mods. In re
  13. I rang Phil this morning and he said he would get back to me on prices. He tells me that he has already had a few callers who are interested so he may be on a winner with this one.
  14. Absolutely right Kaz. And Dazza you have quoted the factory perfectly. Ross
  15. Motif

    Brumby 610

    I stand corrected Arthur. Sorry about that. I guess the point I was trying to make was that Brumby Aircraft will equip their new off the production line aeroplanes with a Lycoming O-233 as a matter of course. Try to get a new, off the production line Jabiru with an O-233 engine. You might be interested to know that P.G. Aviation is now offering a firewall forward kit to Jabiru owners who want to fit either the Rotax or Lycoming engines in their Jabirus.
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