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  1. That's the one they photoshop battleship tanks onto to make Internet Memes... And it carried less that the Lancasters, through more than the Wellingtons. If they had the Tu-95's turboprops, they may have had enough power to make it useful, but with the materials science of the time, to make it strong enough to be that big meant making it heavy, and the lift and drag involved meant the power needed was so much more than the engines of the time were practical to make.
  2. I wonder if his insurance will replace the cow... or will the farmer have to claim on His insurance?
  3. And here she is all hot and nekkid! (NSFW, you'll drool on the office computer)
  4. It came up at one point on the HBA forum, I think it may have been the "Design for Safety" thread, anyhow a number of designs were pointed out that had that sort of setup. Even in a less severe crash, the engine on a plane with a Lyc or Cont or similar flat design is usually mounted fairly high up and theres a lot of space below filled with the carb and such, with just a light cowling that is easily pushed up in a crash to expose the much stiffer firewall which can dig in and apparently has caused flips by digging in. Yes, if the crash is that fast and that severe you're likely FUBARed an
  5. From the looks it's a plumb square up-and-down firewall rather than slanting rearwards at the bottom to avoid digging the fuselage in after the engine comes off in a crash?
  6. Possibly they wanted to wait until all fire and rescue trucks had arrived and were stationary, given the chinese girl who survived a crash but got run over. Wouldn't be the first time that Shit Happening caused Cover-Your-Ass policy directives by shiny arsed desk monkeys which are not just illogical, but create a different danger while covering the original danger.
  7. A guess, not an interlligent engineers estimate, just a wild ass guess. But from the way the rear of the engine pod looks solid yellow under the wing and the wing is alight all along the slots, A leak gushing fuel into the hot end of the engine pod seems likely. It looks to me the source of the fire is from the pod, the solid yellow exhaust is coming out like an afterburner, but too much fuel to combust cleanly hence the yellow flames and black sooty smoke. the engine must have stopped, yet enough airflow through the vanes to push it out the rear not the front. It's going to be a interest
  8. Yep, the one on the spot! I'm a hopeless dancer, You better include step-by-step instructions and maybe a music CD or MP4 with a suitable beat!
  9. I don't think F/A18's count. The airforce would probably object about restoration bods coming and salvaging their wrecks while they're still flying.
  10. A Jig? Isn't it supposed to be a Jigless build? Isn't a flat table sufficient by itself now?
  11. South Island. I am curently in the Nelson Lakes, not far from the national park... In fact, walk out the back yard through the chook run and the back gate goes straight into a reserve which connects to the national park. Most of the year tho, I am just south of Christchurch.
  12. Actually for New Mexico USA, I think Barnstormers, as a US site would be the better place. More likely to sell a US located aircraft on a US centric site with various overseas visitors than on a (mostly) Australian site with various overseas visitors. www.barnstormers.com
  13. Then why is that the standard status of a Pollie in front of a camera?
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