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  1. Ok wait and see, we will probably one for testing within 3 weeks...
  2. Hello, Does any have already tested or have some information about the new termignoni exhaust (volume mluffler for example) ? Will be serial for each savannah and ventura from november..
  3. o thank you, there is a company in france which makes one with a muffler under the airframe (SILENCIEUX Echappement Avion SCAI TECH SILENCER) but I would like to keep the muffler under the engine. I will send some pictures and dimension to CKT exhaust in england to ask them if they have any solution...
  4. I use an e-props for last 800 h on my savannah, still completly satisfied (performance and ageing) !
  5. Hello, I did a last evolution on my savannah, fitting an injection system with a lambda control. testing in progress... Next step will be changing the electronic ignition for programmable one, and trying to find a good and efficient exhaust, does anybody knows one we can fit easily to change the ICP's one ? Thank you !
  6. Hi Kyle, Really sad this to read that... I just had a look on the post concerning Rick... Thank you for the ball link description.
  7. Hi Rick, Savannah carb balance is really instable, i would like to convert like you done. Is it possible to have drawing detail or Spherical bearings reference you use ? Did you make some modification on the Throttle linkage (Diameter hole or other)? THanks in advance for your Help ! Eric
  8. erd72

    Landing light

    Interesting ! Like some others i think that the original light is heavy and useless. I would like to replace this by a strobe and landing light like the one Xeccon, but without creating new wirring. Do you think that it could be connected directly to the original landing light wiring ? (I imagine not). Somebody knows any simple solution to replace the landing light on this way ? Eric
  9. Hi, I did not have the success expeced, probably for 2 reasons, too much negative angle, and too much drag with big wheels, but a friend achieve + 10 km/h with negative flap. But the rotax need to keep around 5100 /5200 rev/min to achieve this result.
  10. Hi richard, When you will be close to choose your equipement, and if you would like to try the MGL Iefis lite, i have one in my savannah.
  11. 60 microns is a really low thickness, that's true for cars painted by 6 axles robots, but for a sav it is much better, without any doubt at least twice for the factory savannah... And the color and the paint (powder / liquid / epoxy and so on) have a direct weight impact. The 7 to 10 kg comes from a comparison between 3 different sav (not painted / painted gray / painted blue by the owner) with similar equipment (radio + tx Funkverk, std dashboard, junckers parachute and 8x6 tires).
  12. You need a ppl licence. But You cannot take off from a private field like an ultra Light, and also lsa are certified aircraft. Regarding paint Weight it seems to be between 7 and 10 kg for a sav
  13. It seems that to keep the mirror finish you need to spend around 4 hours every 6 months. CArbon and cowl made of carbon are a good solution to save weight, thansk to let me know how it progess. For sure everybody would like to have a MTOW of 600 kg in france but you know this categoty already exist CS--LSA, but it is not the same rules...
  14. Hi Richard, To save weight, the fastest and cheapest is to use an e-props propeller instead of a duc swirl or flash (if you do not have already a propeller) Helices E-PROPS : DURANDAL 100 pour Rotax 912S 914 Mine is à 100 M, as i remember the weight is under 3 kg and the saving is around 4 kg Without painting, i know a savannah s under 290 kg with parachute This one : Construction de mon Savannah S You can follow the construction with many pictures Regarding your proposal "Carbon fibre engine cowl, wing tips, tail and fin tips." it is a good way, if somebody would like to
  15. Hi richard, Nice project ! Just when you will choose colours, keep in your mind that some colours needs more paint weight to cover. And as you know in France the TO Weight do not exceed 472,5 kg with parachute... And also empty weight close to 304 Kg... Not easy to achieve...
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