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  1. ave8rr

    Dalby crop duster destroyed

    Was staying in Dalby Thu night at sons place. Heard aircraft depart with first load and return. Heard second takeoff then nothing more until news report. Glad old mate is ok.
  2. ave8rr

    What Now - please advise

    Ian, I may have missed it but do you intend to send a weekly email summary? We used to get an email Sat night / Sun morning.
  3. ave8rr

    RAAus to disclose member details

    The State Transport Authorities give the Police names and addresses so they (Police) can post you a pix of your vehicle with a speeding fine. No different to RAAus giving Avdata details so a landing fee invoice can be sent.
  4. ave8rr

    RAAus to disclose member details

    If you are talking Aerodrome Security. That has nothing to do with CASA. Seperate Gov Dept.
  5. ave8rr

    Finally, the new site is running

    Hi Ian, will we be able to "agree" etc to a post. Appears only "like" is available or am I missing something? I know it's a work in progress. Cheers. FIXED
  6. ave8rr

    Finally, the new site is running

    Looking good Ian. Great work. Cheers Mike.
  7. CASA says it’s SAFE: Now end the dual standards on private pilot medicals Wednesday, 24th October 2018 Mr Shane Carmody Director of Aviation Safety, CASA GPO BOX 2005 Canberra ACT 2601, Australia Mr Rob Walker Group Manager Stakeholder Engagement GPO BOX 2005 Canberra ACT 2601, Australia Mr Michael McCormack MP Deputy Prime Minister Minister for Infrastructure and Transport PO Box 6022 House of Representatives Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600, Australia Dear Mr Carmody, As you would be aware, the AOPA Australia since August of 2016 has sent numerous letters to your office, calling on CASA to explain why RPL and PPL pilots operating Australian (VH) registered aircraft with an MTOW of up to 600kgs, with one passenger outside of controlled airspace, have been denied the use of a self-certification private drivers licence medical. A medical standard that CASA has permitted pilots within the Recreational Aviation Australia Limited self-administration to use for the past 30 years. No explanations have ever been provided to AOPA Australia or the general aviation industry, nor has any supporting risk-assessments or safety/medical studies been published by CASA to support it’s continued refusal to provide a self-certification private drivers licence medical for RPL/PPL holders. My last such letter was sent to your office on the 18th September 2018, asking the following question; “SAFE or UNSAFE, WHICH IS IT? is it safe for an Australian private pilot to fly an Australian registered aircraft with an MTOW of 600kgs in Australian airspace with one passenger on a self-certification private drivers licence medical?”. On the 10th October 2018, Senator Glen Sterle announced to Australian Flying that he was seeking the support of the Senate RRAT Committee to initiate a Senate Inquiry into the self-administration of Australia’s general aviation industry, seeking to investigate the inequity in private pilot medicals between the RAAus and RPL/PPL holders. Exactly one day later, on the 11th October 2018, Mr Rob Walker on behalf of your office responded with; “The answer is yes. The key requirement, as you have rightly stated it, outside controlled airspace.” Under the current regulations, CASA continues to deny RPL/PPL holders with access to a self-certification private driver license medical standard, forcing these pilots to buy their medicals from a private business - the Recreational Aviation Australia Limited (RAAus). Under Section 9© of the Civil Aviation Act 1998, CASA is responsible for developing and promulgating appropriate, clear and concise aviation safety standards. Given that your office (via Mr Rob Walker) has acknowledged that it is SAFE for RPL/PPL pilots to use a self-certification drivers licence medical standard when operating VH registered aircraft with an MTOW of up to 600kgs outside of controlled airspace with one passenger – when can we expect CASA to promulgate this safe medical standard, making it available for all RPL/PPL holders? This unfair and unreasonable situation cannot continue and AOPA Australia urges CASA to immediately announce the availability of a self-certification private drivers licence medical standard for RPL/PPL holders who wish to operate VH registered aircraft with an MTOW of up to 600kgs, outside of controlled airspace with one passenger. Thank you in advance for your time and we look forward to CASA’s announcement. Yours Sincerely, BENJAMIN MORGAN Executive Director Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia
  8. I guess there will be no more RV4 etc registered RAAus as they have a MTOW of around 680kg. If RAAus get the higher weight then they will make it in but will require LAME maint unless built by the owner.
  9. ATSB input to this accident. Investigation: AE-2017-056 - Technical Assistance to RAAus - Collision with terrain involving Monnett Sonerai, 19-3971, near Murwillumbah, NSW on 16 May 2017
  10. ave8rr

    LSA to get a weight/speed increase

    If and when RAAus get CTA then the aircraft will require all the instrument inspections including transponder by a Avionics LAME. Not Cheap.
  11. ave8rr

    Plane crash near Stawell

    We are seeing more of these type of accidents with LSA. Not enough design testing I would say and Instructors not being taught spin recovery. Don't forget about the Piper Sport in Bundy a few years back which was reported as being in a flat spin killing both instructor and student.
  12. Everybody on plane survives crash landing in Pacific lagoon
  13. ave8rr

    Move to Aircraft Pilots

    Ian, I like the layout especially as I view the site on my Samsung Mobile 95% or more of the time. Cheers Mike
  14. ave8rr

    Move to Aircraft Pilots

    You must be getting frustrated at times Ian. Keep working at it and I am sure you will have a great modern site. Cheers Mike
  15. ave8rr

    AOPA and CASA

    This was posted in the AOPA RAA Thread.