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  1. Thanks for the link. I note that link is about the AOPA / RAAus Slogan issue. I'm interested to find out more on this RAAus voting against RPL / PPL adopting Drivers Licence Medical (As RAAus has). Anyone have a link in regard to David Jardine's position, or anyone else who disagrees with RAAus Vote against this. Cheers.
  2. Anyone have an email address for David Jardine (as above). Can PM me if required.
  3. I have recently recieved an email from OZRWYS. The last topic of the email is below. Are these the equivalent of the home made Rasperry Pi, or something different? I'm guessing this will not pick up AvPlan aircraft, (without ADSB....or will it?). ADS-B: Get the Complete Picture. OzRunways Traffic is great, but it's not the complete picture. With many aircraft now ADS-B equipped, get the best traffic picture by adding a portable ADS-B IN receiver to your flight bag. See where the airliners are approaching uncontrolled airports. Be aware of who else is in the
  4. I flew to a nearby airfield recently. There was a large number of Asian students based there. They were training in LSA. That must boost the number of new RAAus members, and the hours flown each year. I assume they convert to GA aircraft later to gain their CPL. Perhaps they are PPL and RAAus, building training hours in LSA. Good numbers for RAAus, but bad for GA.
  5. Exactly right. Australia copied the USA on this. Just look at other more pro active countries that have legislation to prevent these ridiculous multi million dollar lawsuits. The way to survive in Australia now, is do nothing, change nothing or you may be sued. (Sound familiar). Piper and Cessna closed production for over a decade partly due to this stupidity. If a pilot crashed into a hill in (illegal) IMC, or forgot to switch fuel tanks and crashed. The families sued them for large sums of money and won, because Piper or Cessna didn't manufacture their aircraft idiot proof. Peo
  6. Thanks for the info on Jabiru testing. I hadn't seen that. The wing stress tests were 2000kg for each wing. More than I thought it would be tested at. Not sure what weight the gear drop tests were carried out at.
  7. Interesting, so obviously they don't overload the aircraft in South Africa so are allowed 760kg MTOW, but only 700kg in Aus. (Cant trust those Aussie pilots). I wasn't sure at what weight the aircraft was initially tested at. I'm not sure of the certification criteria, but if the designed MTOW is 760kg, and it a 1.5X safety factor, Id guess they structurally tested the aircraft at 1140kg (eg Wings, landing gear). or perhaps they do not go through such testing being LSA?
  8. You would expect if the aircraft is approved to 760KG in another country, they would have already carried out all the required testing for 760kg certification. Jabiru must have structurally tested the J430 at 760kg (or higher)? I wonder why casa didn't certify the J430 to 760kg (under VH) here in Australia.
  9. Looking at the photo, one blade of the prop looks intact.
  10. Quote ....'We don't need two airports': Council should sell aerodrome. So if they sell Toowoomba Airport, then all GA operations, including training, circuit training, private flying etc, will be transferred to Wellcamp, and at the same costs). Most International Airports are trying, (or have already), got rid of GA operations. Stupid comment by someone looking at their own self interests over what's best for the Community. Unbelievable!
  11. If the pilot rejected the takeoff at the 'eleventh hour', that may have been after 'V1'. Maybe the media should demand a full inquiry.
  12. They say it takes a while to get used to progressive. I found them no problem and was used to them in a day. I haven't used Bifocal, but would imagine you would have to tilt your head up or down more so you weren't looking through the lens joins. Glad I went progressive rather than Bi-focal.
  13. Great Video. Enjoyed it. I like his comment at the end. 'Every pilot should fly a Spitfire at least once'. At 3.0 million per aircraft now, unfortunately I think Ill miss out.
  14. Masterton is home to Peter Jacksons airplane collection. May be worth a stop, especially on the weekend if weather is fine. Sport and Vintage Aviation Society were based there too. Believe they still are.
  15. Thanks. Havn't seen that mentioned anywhere else.
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