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    I was there and it happened right in front of me in slow motion. You could see it was going to happen, but both walked away which was more than could be said for the Migs !!
  2. Hi All I have a skyfox gazelle ( G-IDAY ) up here in Scotland,Uk and at the most recent annual check it was suggested that the rubber be changed on the undercarriage, so would be happy to hear from anyone who supplies these or indeed any spare parts for the plane. Glad to be part of this forum as it is very helpful. Cheers Graham
  3. Hi All G,day to all of those avaitors in the southern hemisphere I think, but might be wrong, I am the only Skyfox Gazelle owner and pilot in the northern hemisphere. It is based in sunny Scotland and it's reg is G-IDAY. There are photographs of the plane in airliner.net if anyone fancies a wee look. I have a question regarding colour scheme which is Australia green and yellow. Do any of the members have the RAL colour codes used in this scheme ? Cheers and best wishes Garelli
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