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  1. Does anyone know if wings over wanaka is proceeding in light of the NZ travel restrictions ?
  2. I’ll add to the list Ian, politics is for politicians, like the new direction, back to the beginning, let the others play elsewhere !
  3. well done, what now ?
  4. g'day Neil, still watching your J120 for sale,obviously not enough buyers ready to tak ethe plunge !
    1. Ballpoint 246niner

      Ballpoint 246niner

      It sold last mth- RA mag failed to delete it. Plunge taken!
  5. G'day Tomo.I might just take you up on that one day ....cheers
  6. I like the way you are thinking, two great past times, flying & drinking, not together of course ! looks like there are plenty out there with the same idea ! . could set up up a convoy to do an out back pub Crawl, i meant fly !
  7. I thought I've been lurking around for a while, but youv'e been at longer than me, anyway welcome, i am at the other end got a PPL & RAA but haven't used either for probably three years or more, not wanting to check the log book, just waiting for the day when it all comes together again, and that day is getting closer.
  8. fantastic photos, a real flying adventure well done and thanks for sharing.
  9. just found your info here, very interesting, will be in touch down the track
  10. Pilot in waiting
  11. Forget which plane, I want to know how you convinced the wife !! Still working on mine, took her to tomora at easter, that was a good start. I have a PPL and then coverted to RAA, anything with wings is good, I'm hoping to build a jabiru, J170, seem to be good value, the Kits are very well prepared, also Bundy is not far away for me if I run into trouble.
  12. Try Gympie, not too far away and plenty of aircraft to choose from, Tecnam, Sportstar etc
  13. G'Day, Darryle here, have been registered a little while so need to say hello ! I completed my PPL in 2003 down at Port Maquarrie, ( A great place to fly) my instructor reminded me several times that he was not that great a swimmer when we were training over water and could I please stay a little closer to the shore. Good for your confidence ! I started on C152 and then converted to the mighty C172, which felt like a jumbo after the 152. At the time I got to fly around in the RH seat of a C525 citation a fair amount so that was a real buzz. Soon after completing my PPL, I returned to
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