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  1. Unfortunately not legally PPL as I am still flying here in Hong Kong and they don’t recognize LSA, but according to my instructor he would send me on my flight test right now. I’ll be returning to Melbourne to get my PPL done and then progress for an RA instructor rating. I received my RPC in around 38 hours.
  2. Neither was I until I saw a video of someone going on first solo nav with what seems like OzRunways running.
  3. These are just opinions, it took me less than 10 hours to be signed off solo on the 172 after flying an Ra-Aus Sling 2 (172 was in Hong Kong haha). It all depends on the type of aircraft you flew under RAA I think. Crazy enough I found the C152 to be reminiscent of the Sling 2, as the sling 2 was actually never originally designed to be an LSA but more of a cross country aircraft (700 KG MAUW). Anyone who flew a sling before will know what I mean by that. It doesn't feel very light, in fact there is heft to the controls on the sling.
  4. So next month I am returning to Melbourne to do nav and then get my PPL for further training. Do you guys recommend buying the Private VFR plan for OzRunways this stage or should I leave it until sometime later? Thanks
  5. Yep, I did a couple of circuits on a 172 with airspeed covered up. As long as I have the tach and a good horizon I am confident that I will be within 5 knots of approach speed. I always fly final approaches with attitude like any other part of flying, in fact the flight school where I got my RPL in really emphasised that and I am super grateful that they did.
  6. Remember your work cycle on finals? Aimpoint, aspect, airspeed. Keep doing that, when it's gusty especially focus on holding that attitude so your airspeed doesn't dart around too much. Use small power adjustments to control glidepath while holding/fine tuning the attitude to get the right airspeed. When you get enough experience you will realise that you really don't look at airspeed much flying on finals.
  7. Very true, however I have visited the flight deck twice after arrival on two separate flights, just told the FAs that I have such intention. They allowed me in both times.
  8. Hi all! I'm a newbie who got my RPL in Moorabbin Airport at Learn To Fly Melbourne on the Sling 2. I currently fly in the Hong Kong Aviation Club however I am moving back mid-November. I am 18 years old and from Hong Kong, name is Howard and some people call me Honky Nerd as I am from Hong Kong (although I study in the Aussie school here) and I can be a nerd at times in front of airplanes. When I move back I aim to complete my PPL, RA-Aus Instructor Rating, CPL and then the Grade 3 flying instructor rating. Great to be here and looking forward to learn more! -- Honky Nerd
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